Artemide Tizio® Micro Table Lamp by Richard Sapper Artemide Tizio® Micro Table Lamp by Richard Sapper

    Artemide Tizio® Micro Table Lamp by Richard Sapper

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    artemide tizio micro table lamp

    Artemide Tizio Micro Table Lamp
    Desk Lamp/Table Lamp/Task Lamp

    Designer: Richard Sapper
    Manufacturer: Artemide
    Collection: Artemide Table Lamps

    Artemide Tizio Micro Table Lamp by Richard Sapper. Richard Sapper's latest addition in the Tizio series is the Tizio Micro; a cute-as-a button compact architectural table lamp.  Tizio Micro is about 35% smaller in scale compared to the original Tizio Classic.

    We had a chance to test the Tizio Micro at the Stardust showroom.  Here's our review... This small table lamp is perfectly sized for smaller tables/desks in home office applications and for small bedside tables where it can be used as a compact bedside reading lamp for occasional use.  Its compact size takes up a limited amount of valuable desk- or table top space.  The space saving qualities of this Micro sized Tizio do result in a more limited amount of light however.  Tizio Micro has a 300 lumens light output with a 20W halogen bulb (the Tizio Classic in comparison shines bright at 850 lumens with a 50W halogen bulb).  In short, Tizio Micro is a great little table lamp for occasional use on a small desk or next to the bed but not recommended as a standard desk lamp for continuous daily use (it's just not bright enough by itself to light up a large desk but is perfectly fine to read a book in bed at night without having to worry about the light waking up your partner).  On the functional side: Tizio Micro features the same flexibility as the large Tizio Classic.  A two-intensity on/off switch is within easy reach on the top of it's base.  The position and the direction of the light source can be adjusted thanks to the sophisticated principle of balanced counterweights and a 360 degree rotatable base. Adjusting it requires little effort.  Point it up or point it down; it's easy to get the light where you want it.  Another important feature is the lack of wires (the two parallel arms are used to conduct electricity to the bulb), an innovative feature it shares with the Tizzio Classic.  We like the Tizio Micro for its timeless good looks and can highly recommend it for its intended use.

    Artemide's Tizio Lamp has won countless awards for its original and timeless design.  From a formal point of view, the Tizio lamp was revolutionary when it was first released in 1972. Black, angled, minimalist, and mysterious, the lamp achieved its real commercial success in the early 1980s, when its sleek look met the Wall Street boom. Found in the residences of the young and successful and in the offices of executives, the lamp has become an icon of high-tech design.  Tizio is featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and the London Design Museum. The Tizio Lamp from Artemide also received the coveted Compasso d'Oro industrial design award.

    Color: Black (same as in Tizio X30 model)
    Fully adjustable, balanced, electrical conductor arms in aluminum
    Arm spacer bars in chromed steel with red thermoplastic insulators
    Counterweights in zinc alloy
    Adjustable diffuser in die-cast aluminum
    Inner high efficiency reflector in anodized aluminum
    U.V. bulb protective glass
    360 degree rotatable base in die-cast aluminum
    Incorporated low voltage transformer and two-intensity on/off switch

    Collection: Artemide Lighting
    Artemide Product Code: A008108, A008138, A008308
    Dimensions: 17"H x 19 1/2"L
    Material: thermoplastic, steel, aluminum, zinc
    Light Source: Halogen
    Light Bulb Type: 1 x 20W 12V T3 G4 Bi-Pin Frosted
    Lumens: 300
    Hours Rated: 2,000
    Light Bulb Included: Yes
    Certification: UL listed
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: lighting, table lamps, desk lamps
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary

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    Available in June 2022

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