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Shop high-quality authentic & fully authorized icons of modern furniture design by the world's best designers and brands from Stardust. We have gathered for you some of the very best pieces of modern design by the most distinguished names in modern furniture- and lighting design, all of which are, of course, authentic. Whether you are renovating an existing home, constructing a new modern house or when you are in need of some inspiration, we have everything you need to decorate your home in style.

louis poulsen lighting ph original lamp Louis Poulsen™, Official Manufacturer of Poul Henningsen's PH Lamps, made in Denmark.

Looking for Authenticity in Design

Stardust is dedicated to promoting authentic modern design classics from the last century up to the present day.  As the leading lifestyle retailer for genuine modern design, we offer you only fully authentic design objects edited by the authorized manufacturer or designer. Each item, be it an original Flos Arco Lamp or a Vitra Eames House Bird, is issued according to the exact specifications by its designer and bears the original manufacturer's mark.  We offer a wide range of the best Italian, Scandinavian and American Design from lighting, lounge chairs and sofas to rugs and home accessories, all of which are, naturally, authentic original modern design classics.

Fritz Hansen Furniture
Republic of Fritz Hansen™, Official Manufacturer of Arne Jacobsen furniture, Denmark.

The objects we surround ourselves with in our daily lives tell a lot about who we are, our passion and the values we care about. Choosing for authentic design gives a sense of pride, knowing that you own the original, not just a cheap quality knock-off. The best design, is as relevant today as to the past, and will have enduring appeal to be enjoyed by many generations. Perhaps even more important, the authentic original will give you a particular sense of pleasure and satisfaction. The design you surround yourself with, allows you to express a knowledge of authenticity and an empathy to a certain designer or era such as the mid-century modern style of the 1950s.

Design gives you the opportunity to decorate your home any way you like, to outfit it with furniture and lighting that make life easier and, most importantly, to take some time and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Pride of Ownership

Pride of ownership is more than an empty promise. Would you wear a fake Louis-Vuitton handbag? We are pretty sure the answer is a resounding no. Most of us feel a sense of pride owning the original and would feel ashamed by wearing an inferior knock-off. Inspired is fine and great, but copying someone else's design is just wrong. People can usually tell when something is a fake anyway so it would not really be satisfying to have an inferior knock-off in the first place. Surround yourself with authentic design for the same reasons. Every day you see your interior (which would basically be every day), you will have a sense of pride by owning the original. That pride of ownership feeling is one of the top reasons to buy authentic design.

Authorized Design Classics

Stardust offers only authentic, authorized classic designs. Modern design classics are products that are original, beautifully made to the highest quality and durable. They will create a sense of well-being and pleasure that can only be derived from an original, the single most important reason why you choose to own design in the first place.

Ultimately, the design you surround yourself with is an extension of who you are.

vitra grand repos chaise detail Vitra™, Official Manufacturer of Antonio Citterio's Grand Repos, Germany.

The Difference between Real and Fake

Unauthorized knock-off versions of iconic design classics might be tempting with their often significantly lower prices, but the quality will be inferior and your satisfaction by owning them will be short-lived. Cheaper copies will not have the skilled and labor-intensive craftsmanship, superior quality of raw materials and high-standard finish of authorized design icons. Just how do you tell a fake design icon from the real thing? Your first warning sign should be the price. If you find the same item at less than half the cost, it is probably a fake. An original design classic will always be made by the authorized manufacturer and will have a label, engraving, numbering that matches the name of the manufacturer. Knock-offs will always have the wrong proportions, wrong materials and will often be made with unregulated and hazardous materials. And as reported by the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, most knock-offs are made in low pay factories under poor working conditions.

Respect the Original

The manufacturers and the product designers Stardust represents are where they are today because they've put in the creative effort and long years of hard work to have their companies be world-renowned and respected. For most designers, it is a life effort. So, to see unlicensed knock-offs is both atrocious and degrading for all of us. Fake knock-offs rob the true artists of their craft. Something none of us likes to do!

No matter how you look at it.
Knock-offs are not satisfying to own.
Only authentic design always feels right.
Shop the Original.

Stardust supports the Be Original initiative.