Recessed Lighting

Stardust offers the best in modern recessed lighting at the lowest prices and free shipping. Our recessed lighting solutions are perfect for new construction and remodeling projects. With a clean, architectural design, recessed lighting fixtures are ideal for both upscale residential and commercial applications. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with your lighting project. Recessed lighting increases the luminosity of any space and enhances the overall streamlined modern look of your interior space.

Choosing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be used for wall washing or to point precision light towards a focal point such as an art piece. Or use the standard recessed downlights for general illumination. Stardust offers the best in modern recessed lighting including the latest award winning miniature sized recessed LED lights which measure only 2". These miniature sized recessed LED lights are perfect to create a modern and minimal contemporary look with minimal intrusion. We also offer classic line voltage recessed lights, low voltage recessed lights, recessed lamps with glass crystal covers and trims. Stardust also offers the basic recessed lighting sizes in 4", 5" and 6" diameter.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Installation of recessed lighting fixtures is best done by an experienced licensed electrician or contractor. Installation is done between the ceiling joists. The installation distance between each recessed ceiling light fixture will depend on 1) the lamp type (Halogen, Metal Halide or LED) and the diameter of the light fixture. For Halogen and Metal Halide recessed ceiling light fixtures, the general rule of thumb is to install 4 inch recessed ceiling light fixtures at least within 48" of each other, 5 inch fixtures within 60" of each other and 6 inch fixtures about 72" of each other. If you want to install recessed ceiling light fixtures in a business or home office space, a kitchen or for reading purposes, make sure to install the ceiling fixture above the desired spot. Keep in mind that you want to have any type of shade from your own body (head and shoulders). So be careful not to install the ceiling fixture where the light will be blocked by your own head and shoulders.

Recessed Lighting Housing Types

Most recessed ceiling light fixtures are available in either a new construction housing, or, a remodeling housing. The remodeling housing requires less installation space and is often the best choice for most projects. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the housing of a recessed ceiling light fixture is IC rated or not. IC housing rated housings can be used for installations when ceiling insulation is present. If the housing of the recessed ceiling light fixture is not IC rated, it cannot be installed near insulation. So make sure to choose the correct fixture. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to assist you in making the right decision. Note that some local areas may have codes that require permits to install recessed lighting fixtures. A licensed electrical contractor can help with this as well.

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Stardust has everything you need to illuminate your interior in style. We offer recessed light fixtures, track lighting, under cabinet lights, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting and LED lighting fixtures for residential, commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality lighting applications. Visit our showroom or purchase online and experience the best in modern design for the modern home. Stardust modern furniture and lighting: redefining luxury interior design.