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Shop stylish modern designer men's watches at Stardust and discover some of the very best classic watch designs we couldn't live without. Blending style with function, we offer design watches that you can wear to work or on the weekend. Some of the key clothing pieces for a professional wardrobe is a good watch which you can easily slip on for a sleek, streamlined look during work days or when worn on weekends. Shop online at and receive a Low Price Match Guarantee and Free Shipping.

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Stardust is the best source for modern designer watches. Whether it's 'professional work attire' or 'relaxing weekend wear', our classic designer watches are meant to be seen. So we've selected some of the very best watches for their simple, elegant and non-obstructive designs. Take for example our Braun watches. Based on designs from the 1970s by the legendary German product designer Dieter Rams, Braun's stylish, understated watches are backed up by high-quality quartz movements and 50m water resistance. Our collection of German made Max Bill analogue watches by Junghans are widely considered to be the epitome of good taste. These timeless modern watches have received several design awards and make the perfect style statement. Buy design watches for men and women from Stardust for the best selection of watch designs!

Braun Watches

Buy Braun Watches at Stardust, the leading and most specialized source for Braun Watch designs. Iconic German brand Braun returns with a collection of designer men's watches inspired by the classic designs of the original Braun design team including Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. The range of stylish Braun watches has been designed with the principles and standards set by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, reflecting their core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics.

Junghans Watches

For more than 150 years, the Junghans brand has stood for quality, reliability and passion. Based in Schramberg, Germany, the long-established, independent company designs and manufactures watches that set new standards and are held in high regard around the world. Having close ties to the company's location and being committed to the values that Junghans embodies, the owners work hard to maintain traditions and to move purposefully forward to a successful future. Tradition and an unswerving spirit of innovation are also reflected in the design and engineering of the company's watches. In this regard the spectrum embraces all current watchmaking technologies: from classic mechanical watches and quartz technology all the way to the company's own radio-controlled and solar technology. With innovative products "Made in Germany" and an international outlook, Junghans will continue in future to further develop the unique success story of the watch with the star.

Max Bill Watches

Design in its purist form, the Max Bill Watch Collection by Junghans Watches. Created in the era of the Bauhaus, the design watches of the max bill by Junghans range are now modern classics for the wrist. The simple and logical design of the models is based on the original drawings of Bauhaus artist Max Bill. In 1962, Swiss artist Max Bill (1908-1994) created a few mechanical watches for the German company Junghans. These watches are now available again in a re-edition though design purveyor Stardust. They show how Max Bill Watches has perceived product form - his expression for design: To create "the useful, the beautifully modest".