Modern Outdoor Planters

Buy Modern Outdoor Planters & Pots from Stardust, the best source for planter pots and contemporary modern garden planters in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Browse a wide assortment of styles from contemporary minimalist designer planters to mid-century modern styled planter pots. Discover modern garden planters for the design-conscious modern gardener who is passionate about beautifying indoor- and outdoor gardens.

Modern Planters

Discover stylish garden pots and planter boxes for terrace, courtyard, patio, rooftop gardens, landscape and more. We have a profound love for modern architecture and have always found that a nice modern planter completes a modern home unlike anything else. Modern Architecture has always sought to blur the boundaries between indoor- and outdoor living. One example is Richard Neutra's Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs; a mid-century modern architectural gem for which Richard Neutra designed both the house- and the landscape. Another example are the Eichler Homes with their indoor Atriums: "the centerpiece of the midcentury house" as Joseph Eichler called it. So it is only natural that a modern house should have a section devoted to a couple of nice looking plants, preferably complete with matching period accent planters. specializes in contemporary modern and mid-century modern design planters and we offer an incredible selection of planter pots for the home and the garden.

Modern Landscape Design

Ever since we picked up a vintage copy of the book titled, Roberto Burle Marx the Modernity of Landscape, at New York's Chelsea Market many years ago, we had the hots for modern landscape design. Although we don't have the tropical Brazilian rainforest in our backyard, there are plenty of ways to design your own modern garden. Landscape design is not exclusively limited to the outdoors. Mid century modern home plans often incorporated an atrium, a large open space within the house, often featuring a glass roof. While most of us do not have the luxury to live in a Richard Neutra or Eichler House with Atrium, a nice modern pot next to a sofa can be equally satisfying. There are a myriad ways to add a planter in the landscape as well, from putting in a unique modern planter as a focal point next to your house to using multiple planters for privacy screens or visual impact. What does your dream patio or garden design look like? Make that dream a reality with our unique modern garden planters which bring out the best of your indoor- and outdoor decor. Explore modern outdoor pot and indoor planter designs and ideas for modern landscape design, including a wide selection of round, rectangular and square planters.

Mid Century Modern Planters

Stardust specializes in modern planters that display a mid-century modern esthetic. We have some of the most spectacular award-winning planter pots such as the iconic Spindel Planter designed by Willy Guhl in 1951 and the saucer-shaped modernist Lausanne Planters which we import from Switzerland. We offer square, rectangular, round, small and large modern planters for the garden or patio to fit any taste and budget.  Our exclusive and decorative planter pots can be used to complete any space and can provide a finishing touch to your indoor- and outdoor garden design; spruce up your home in style with a beautiful contemporary designer planter in the corner of a living room or a large square- or rectangular planter in your patio or entryway. Modern and mid-century modern architecture frequently share numerous design elements with garden and landscape design.

Modern House Plants

Looking for some modern house plants? Start of with a stylish well-selected modern planter since it can really provide a finishing touch to your modern house. Combine our indoor planters with a couple of our favorite mid-century modern house plants. Our favorite modern plants are the fabulous Monstera Deliciosa, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Peperomia or the plant that defined the 1950s and 1960s: the Sansevieria Trifasciata (aka the Snake Plant). These plants combine striking architectural features which compliments the modern look of midcentury and contemporary architecture. These four indoor plants were used profusely during the 1960s through the 1970s and are often pictured in the photographs of Julius Shulman. Take a closer look at the photographs he took of the "Case Study House #22" in Los Angeles and you will notice a Monstera Deliciosa and Sansevieria in the corner of the living room. While we do not sell the plants, we do offer the planter pots! Browse and shop our large planter collection at and find planters on sale by color, size, style and more. You will also finds discounted planter pots in our special Floor Sample Sale category which gets updated weekly. Receive a Low Price Match Guarantee and Free Shipping on the best selection of modern planters for the modern home and garden with no minimum required!