Come Together portable and rechargeable LED Light by Artemide Come Together portable and rechargeable LED Light by Artemide

    Come Together portable and rechargeable LED Light by Artemide

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    Artemide Come Together LED Lamp
    Portable and Rechargeable LED

    Designer: Carlotta de Bevilacqua
    Manufacturer: Artemide

    This stylish LED lamp is the perfect complement for any place that needs a little extra illumination. Stunning yet simple with its sleek and contemporary design approach. Today we can all create our own light in our space, wherever it is, with high lighting performances comparable to traditionally powered lamps, as well as long-term independence from mains power. Its sleek body is a transparent optical device with gradients to carry and distribute light: it works as an "empty" light pipe for lightness and optical intelligence. Come Together is an innovative portable lamp, that delivers a perfect light with 16 hours of operation without being connected to a wall power. The lamp features a simple USB charging port and a Li-On rechargeable battery inside. It delivers three different light performances with a very high efficiency of 85%.

  • USB port Li-On rechargeable battery
  • 4-16 hours battery life
  • 3 hours fast charge
  • 3 different light performances (1.2W, 2.4W & 3.6W)
  • Smart portability (14 oz.)

  • Material: transparent optical injection molded PMMA external shell, techno-polymer internal shell
    Color: transparent external body, white - aluminum - copper internal shell
    Light Source: Diffused LED light, 3.6W, 250lm, 3000K, CRI=80
    Dimensions: 3.34" top diameter, 3.9" bottom diameter, 10.59" height

    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: Table Lamp, Portable Lamp

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