Artemide EQUILIBRIST Jean Nouvel Architect Modern Table Lamp with 2 Lights - Black Artemide EQUILIBRIST Jean Nouvel Architect Modern Table Lamp with 2 Lights - Black

    Artemide EQUILIBRIST Jean Nouvel Architect Modern Table Lamp with 2 Lights - Black

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    equilibrist table lamp

    Artemide Equilibrist Jean Nouvel Table Lamp with 2 Lights - Black
    Equilibrist Lamp - Jean Nouvel Design - Artemide Italy

    Designer: Jean Nouvel
    Manufacturer: Artemide

    Artemide Equilibrist. Two lamps like a scale pursuing balance. Equilibrist is a signalling leisure object two different appliances turning, rotating around a vertical axis. A sort of high-tech traffic light, whose signals emit non-symmetrical light.Light control: separated switch dimmer. Equilibrist, the lamp designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with Artemide, has been awarded with the prestigious Wallpaper * Design Awards 2015 in the"Best office accessories" category.

    The French architect Jean Nouvel drew inspiration from camera lenses and traffic lights to design two new products for Italian lighting manufacturer Artemide. An elongated cylinder made of three segments, the Objective lamp calls to mind a set of camera lenses. And just as each lens used by a photographer has a different function, each segment of the lamp emits a different type of light. The first radiates a soft ambient light. The second provides a more powerful spotlight that can be focused onto reading material or a work surface. Finally, the third offers a floodlight pointed directly upward. The Equilibrist, meanwhile, consists of two lighting elements located at opposite ends of a vertical axis. The overall design calls to mind a scale or traffic signal, and the light emitted is asymmetrical and changes as the horizontal axis moves. Prices for both lamps are available on request. A French architect of international renown, Jean Nouvel won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2008.

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    Collection: Artemide Lighting
    Artemide Product Code: 1529010A
    Product name: Equilibrist
    Color: Black
    Material: black painted aluminum, metal
    Series: Design
    Environment: Indoor
    Light Source: 13.8W 3000K >80 CRI (Integrated)
    Certification: CE listed
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: lighting, table lamps
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary
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