Alessi Bunny with Carrot Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen Alessi Bunny with Carrot Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen

    Alessi Bunny with Carrot Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen

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    Alessi Bunny Kitchen Roll Holder
    ASG42 - Bunny & Carrot, Kitchen Roll Holder
    Standing Paper Towel Holder

    Designer: Stefano Giovannoni
    Manufacturer: Alessi

    A Di Alessi Bunny and Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder in Thermoplastic Resin. Applying new, fun designs to otherwise mundane household items, Alessi has done it again with this paper towel holder. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni in 2002, the paper holder features a beloved rabbit character which is already a design classic. Bunny rotates to keep end of the roll from flapping free; rubber bottom keeps holder secure on kitchen counter surfaces or dining tables. The Bunny & Carrot kitchen roll holder by Alessi is available from Stardust in a choice of colors; discover all A di Alessi household items from Stardust to find like-minded, whimsical pieces. This stunning standing kitchen paper towel roll holder is both quirky and decorative. Ideal for adding character to any kitchen. This Italian-made paper towel holder is original and fun and puts a smile on everybody's face. Sure to be admired by all, the Bunny and Carrot Roll Holder is a functional kitchen object for everyday use. This item is made from Thermoplastic Resin. Measures 6 inches wide by 8 inches long by 14 inches tall.

    Kitchen paper roll holder in ABS, PP and Surlyn. The rabbit character, an example of the figurative and zoomorphic inspiration behind Stefano Giovannoni's design, is here applied to another kitchen object that is normally neglected by "high" design.

    The Alessi Bunny with Carrot is available in two sizes; both work fine for most towels. The large size is a little bit heavier & stable, plus the carrot extends higher above the paper roll.

    7.96" x 6.30", 13.39" Height
    Collection: Alessi
    Alessi Product Code: ASG42
    Material: theremoplastic resin
    Finish: various colors
    Capacity: holds all kitchen rolls
    Weight: 1.8 pounds
    Use: kitchen
    Product Category: kitchen accessories, paper towel holders

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