Alessi Fior d'olio Glass Olive Oil Taster with Pourer by Marta Sansoni Alessi Fior d'olio Glass Olive Oil Taster with Pourer by Marta Sansoni

    Alessi Fior d'olio Glass Olive Oil Taster with Pourer by Marta Sansoni

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    Fior d'olio by Alessi

    Fior d'olio by Sansoni for Alessi Italy
    Alessi Fior d'olio Olive Oil Pourer - Olive Taster
    Includes Glass Bottle with Steel Pourer (Complete Set)

    Designer: Marta Sansoni
    Manufacturer: Alessi

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    Fior d'olio Oil Pourer by Marta Sansoni for Alessi Italy. Designed by the Italian designer "Fior d'olio" is an olive oil taster (Degustaolio) in glass with pourer in 18/10 stainless. In Italy, where food is art, olive oil as important as bread & wine. Fior d'olio is a little iconic mechanical gem for use with "green gold", another name for olive oil, the main staple of Italian cuisine. Its mother, the olive tree, has embodied an aura of sacredness and reverence since the beginning of time and is a powerful symbol of Mediterranean identity.

    "Fior d'olio" (from the Italian Oil Flower) is a cap with a pouring spout that fits into the neck of the bottle, allowing you to pour only as much as you need on your food (chefs also talk about "drizzling olive oil"), while controlling the oxidation process that begins as soon as the bottle is opened. The small glass container that houses it has a second function: to assist professional tasters to sample the oil according to the time-honored tradition. Designed in compliance with the regulations, it is large and tapers down towards the mouth of the glass so that the aroma of the oil wafts towards the taster's nose. The glass is colored so that the color of the contents does not influence the taster and is strongly suggestive of first press oil. Functional, simple and decorative for the table top or gift giving.

    Collection: Alessi
    Alessi Product Code: MSA32
    Material: glass, 18/10 stainless steel
    Dimensions: 3.25" h x 2.25" w
    Weight: 1.6 lbs
    Use: kitchen
    Product Category: Oil Pourers
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