Alessi Enamel Paint Fruit Bowl Alessi Enamel Paint Fruit Bowl

    Alessi Enamel Paint Fruit Bowl

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    Enamel Paint by Alessi

    Enamel Paint by Claudia Raimondo for Alessi Italy
    Alessi Enamel Paint Bowl and Tray - Joy Series

    Designer: Claudia Raimondo
    Manufacturer: Alessi

    Enamel Paint series by Claudia Raimondo for Alessi Italy. Designed by the Italian designer "Enamel Paint" consists of a small round basket, centerpiece bow and round tray. "Enamel Paint" is a new translucent, shiny finish; with colour highlights and a play of shadows that cast a veil over the metal surface, giving it color tones reminiscent of the enamels seen in the precious objects traditionally associated with jewellery making. Bright colors and backgrounds produce a composite effect of color, combining the natural quality of the material–the metal that appears in the background–and the notion of overlapping, of overlaying it with a bright color. The proposed color variations are: "Enamel Paint Blue". The traditional blue of precious objects. The blue of the classical decorations of the dinner table. "Enamel Paint Pomegranate". A hypernatural color, a juicy red that reminds us of the freshness of nutritious fruits and the ruby tones of pomegranate juice. Alessi's Enamel Paint is made in Italy. Functional, simple and decorative from Stardust.

    For several years now, Alessi has been conducting research on finishing processes of metal with Claudia Raimondo. This time it has brought us to the edge of the world of lacquers and enamels. Techniques that have been used since ancient times, with the "Enamel Paint" collection, lacquering and enameling have found an interesting contemporary interpretation.

    Collection: Alessi
    Alessi Product Code: CR02/21, CR01/37, CR03/40
    Material: steel colored with epoxy resin with enamel finish
    Use: kitchen
    Product Category: Fruit Bowls
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