Moooi Woood Home Office Desk by Marcel Wanders Moooi Woood Home Office Desk by Marcel Wanders

    Moooi Woood Home Office Desk by Marcel Wanders

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    Moooi Woood Desk by Marcel Wanders
    Modern Home Office Desk

    Designer: Marcel Wanders
    Manufacturer: Moooi

    Moooi Woood Home Office Desk by Marcel Wanders. The Woood desk by Marcel Wanders is a beautiful and perfectly balanced functional desk for the modern business or home office! Moooi's Woood desk is a beautiful and very practical desk for the home office or a small business!

    An ideal writing, computer desk with plug hole in the top, these are just a few of the efficient qualities of the Woood remarkable table. The modern and contemporary home office has revolutionized the global workforce. As part of the progressive work culture, one can work from the comfort of one's home. This beautiful home office desk can help to foster a creative and very personal atmosphere promoting efficiency and productivity. The size of the desk is perfect for a laptop and MP3 dock and makes efficient use of space in your home or office. The Woood desk work well in offices and meeting spaces and in your dining area at home. This home office desk has the look, scale, and function just right for today's office environment.

    The Woood table was designed by Marcel Wanders for Moooi. Light and flawless designing create a harmonious blend to make this table. It has a top in 3D pressed Oak veneer and a frame in Beech wood all painted black for a classy finish. The Woood table can fit into any home decor with ease and beauty.

    Whether it's your dream home office desk, a beautiful minimalist bookcase or the ultimate design chair, you won't find a better selection of modern home furniture!

    Dimensions: 30.7"H x 21.9"W x 39.4"L
    Material: oak veneer, beech wood

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