Moooi Smoke Dining Armchair by Maarten Baas Moooi Smoke Dining Armchair by Maarten Baas

    Moooi Smoke Dining Armchair by Maarten Baas

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    Moooi Smoke Modern Dining Armchair
    Designer: Maarten Baas
    Manufacturer: Moooi

    The Smoke dining armchair was designed by Maarten Baas for Moooi in the Netherlands. The Smoke Dining Armchair is a comfortable extension of the evergreen smoke collection. A dining chair with the addition of armrests to make dining in style even cozier.

    Please note that each Moooi Smoke Armchair is unique with its own unique burned pattern and whatever remains of its original shape and structure. No two chairs will be exactly alike.

    Moooi, perhaps the best thing to come out of Holland since Vincent van Gogh and De Stijl. Moooi is one of the leading avant-garde design houses in the world. Moooi represents new design by young and bright Dutch design talent who create fascination unique objects. Moooi keeps pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the fields of design but also with their groundbreaking image series by Erwin Olaf. Many Dutch designers have aligned themselves with Moooi. Some of these shining stars include Maarten Baas, Studio Job, Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders. Several pieces of the Moooi collection have already been snapped up for museum collections including the MoMA New York.

    Dimensions: 41.7"H x 24.8"D
    Seat Height: 19.5"H
    Material: burnt wood, leather

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