Architectmade (est. 2004, Copenhagen Denmark) is a Danish manufacturer of modern home accessories & wooden designer toys created by famous twentieth century Danish architects Finn Juhl, Poul Kjaerholm, Peter Karpf, and Jorn Utzon among others. Architectmade may not be as well known as its contemporaries, like Rosendahl, but they are firmly rooted in the re-creation of often overlooked wooden toys of Scandinavian design origin. Architecmade's designs for Stardust include the Bird (Small, Large, Chubby), Child's Chair, Turning Tray (Small, Medium, Large), FJ Essence (Teapot, Sugar Bowl, Cup & Saucer), FJ Clock (35 cm, 25 cm), Circle Bowl (25 cm, 35 cm), FJ Bowl, Gemini, Trepas (6 pcs., 9 pcs), Aves (small, Medium, Large, Trio), PK Bowl (Granit, Marble), PK Mini (White, Black), PK-600, Spring, Duck & Duckling, Optimist & Pessimist, Oscar, Bobby, Rufus (Big), Mermaid, Strit, Discus (Small, Medium, Large), Penguin (Small, Large), Owl (Mini, Small, Large).