Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer (b. 1932), Germany.

About Ingo Maurer:

Add a little extra magic to your home with Ingo Maurer's decorative light fixtures from Stardust. Ingo Maurer is foremost an artist. He also happens to be Germany's most prolific lighting designer who specialises in the design of unique artistic designer lamps and light installations. Ingo Maurer, son of a fisherman, grew up on the island Reichenau in Lake of Constance with four siblings. After an apprenticeship as typesetter, he studied graphic design in Munich, Germany. In 1960, Ingo Maurer left Germany for the USA, where he worked in New York and San Francisco as a freelance graphic designer. He's had a love affair with New York ever since. In 1963, he moved back to Germany, and founded Design M, a company developing and manufacturing home design objects and lamps after his own designs. The company was later renamed to "Ingo Maurer GmbH" and he specialized in lighting designs. One of his first creations, "Bulb Lamp" (1966) was included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 1966 and continues to be sold through Stardust, the worlds leading purveyor of designer furniture, lighting designs and modern home goods. Ingo Maurer's influence extended beyond his design work; he was also known for mentoring and inspiring the next generation of designers. His impact on the world of design and lighting is enduring, and his legacy continues to shape the industry. Although he passed away in 2019, his contributions to the world of design and his artistic vision remain an integral part of contemporary design culture.

Ingo Maurer Lighting:

Ingo Maurer has created an extensive collection of artistic and highly decorative chandeliers, pendant lights and light fixtures that brighten up homes and offices all over the world. Bulb (1966), one of his very first designs, was included in MoMA's permanent design collection. Ingo Maurer's Bird lights are breathtaking examples of Ingo's lighting magic: Birds Birds Birds and the Birdie Chandelier are modern lighting designs comprised of low voltage bulbs adorned with goose feather wings. This whimsical fixture brings big personality as well as light. From a distance it has an artistic sculptural silhouette, up close you notice the adorable wings on each bulb. The Flotation pendant light has been designed by Ingo Maurer in 1980 and has become legendary in its own right. Designed to be perpetually attractive, Ingo Maurer's Floatation fixture is comprised of 3 Japanese paper shades that appear to hover in mid-air with the assistance of thin metal wires. In 1997, Ingo Maurer designed the ZettelZ series comprising the Zettel'z 5 chandelier and Zettel'z. Every once in a while, Ingo Maurer introduces a limited edition of these lamps with a different design such as the Bang Boom and Zettel'z Viva l'Italia! These limited editions pendant lights quickly sell out so make sure to put in a special request to place one on hold. The latest addition to the Ingo Maurer lighting collection is "Flying Flames" and "My New Flame". My New Flame is an electronic candle from Ingo Maurer. In collaboration with Moritz Waldemeyer he has developed My New Flame, which mixes high-tech technology and a poetic expression. The table lamp is like a candle with a flame that blows in the wind, but it is pure illusion. The flame is a double-sided LED display, where the LEDs are programmed to move like a real flame. Even the warm glow are recreated in the sophisticated programming. The candle is replaced by a narrow strip of printed circuit board that gives the lamp a high-tech look. In 2007, Ingo Maurer selected Stardust as their exclusive lighting shop. Check our wide range of lamps and our Ingo Maurer lighting sale.

Ingo Maurer Design:

For over four working decades, Ingo Maurer and Team, as he refers to the co-workers, has constantly grown. We are now a group of more than sixty people. The address in Munich, Schwabing has remained the same since 1970. However, in 2005 we outgrew our production facilities in the courtyard at Kaiserstrasse 47 and a new location for production and shipping was established on the outskirts of Munich. In the former production hall, Ingo Maurer and his team created a spacious showroom, the second after New York, and the only one in Europe. Ingo Maurer's project department has steadily evolved from the design of exhibitions at trade fairs, festivities and special installations of the lighting system YaYaHo. Ingo Maurer takes on commissions for lighting as well as interior light-planning. In addition to the sale of the regular Ingo Maurer products at Stardust, the projects are now an important part of our activities. The challenges they pose have often been invigorating and inspiring, both through the people involved and the spaces that are to be designed. The projects permit Ingo Maurer to realize his ideas for artistic installation or lighting objects, providing at the same time intriguing and pleasant spaces for those who will live or work in them.

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