Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest - Birdies Nest Ceiling Light Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest - Birdies Nest Ceiling Light

    Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest - Birdies Nest Ceiling Light

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    Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest Ceiling Lamp
    Designer: Ingo Maurer
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer

    Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest Ceiling Lamp aka the Birds Nest Lamp by Ingo Maurer. Designed by Ingo Maurer, this ceiling light is part of the collection of Bird lamps by Ingo Maurer. The Birdie's Nest Ceiling Lamp is a stunning unique modern piece from Ingo Maurer! Birdie's Nest, designed by Ingo Maurer, is a visually stunning & brilliant conversation piece. Each light bulb is attached to its own set of goose feather wings, each in its own bid to escape. Inspired by the iconic form of the incandescent bulb. A variation on the Birdie Chandelier, the Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest Ceiling Light gives the same winged incandescent bulbs a place to live. With snowy white goose feather wings, 10 incandescent bulbs (with halogen insides) take flight from their central housing. Designed for the ceiling, the Birdie's Nest can also be installed on the wall. Once you unpack your Birdie or Birdie’s Nest, it is up to you to determine the final form! The light bulbs for all models of the Birds-family are custom-made for Ingo Maurer GmbH. In order to extend the life span of these bulbs, it is recommended to use a wall dimmer. Quick, the lights are flying away! Complete with bulbs plus 2 spares. Not suited for rooms with high humidity. Dimmer recommended

    Material: Metal, goose-feather wings. Ten low-voltage bulbs.

    Light Source:
    LED - 10 x 1,5 W, 1000 lm, 2700 K, 15000 h, CRI 85, EEC A+, dimmable (dimmer not included)

    Transparent cables. Complete with bulbs Birdie's Nest is designed for rooms with lower ceilings.

    Size: 19.7"H, 20" up to 37.4"DIA

    Material: metal, goose-feather wings
    Bulbs included: yes

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