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luceplan modern lighting from italy

Before Luceplan, there was Arteluce. In the years leading up to the foundation of Luceplan, Riccardo Sarfatti consolidated his instinctive entrepreneurial flair while working with his father at Arteluce, the historic firm founded by Gino Sarfatti in the late 1940's. In 1978 the company was renamed Luceplan.

Ever since its foundation, Luceplan has always been known for the elegance of its designs with their blend of technical acuity, functionality, and attention to detail. On the occasion of the opening of its New York City flagship showroom in February 2007, Architectural Lighting magazine sat down with Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda to talk about their views on lighting and architecture, light's interaction with space—what it can create spatially, and how they as designers bring together ideas of illumination and technology.

Our top selling Luceplan product is the fabulous Mix Lamp which offers a stylish integration of LED lighting for the work space. The Mix Lamp delivers “an intense warm and pleasing light.” The Mix has a 50,000 hour life, and its LED Chip on Board technology only drinks up 5 watts of power. The color of light can also be changed with an integrated filter. When turned off, the profile of the lamp head is accented with a blue led glow which makes it easy to find in the dark.

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luceplan-agave-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Agave D49/17s Pendant Lamp
luceplan-agave-pendant-lamp-d4926s - Stardust
Luceplan Agave D49/26s Pendant Lamp
luceplan-agave-pendant-light - Stardust
Luceplan Agave D49/70s. EL Pendant Lamp
luceplanbap - Stardust
Luceplan BAP Table Lamp

luceplanberenicefloor - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Floor Lamp with Glass Reflector
luceplanberenicefl - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Floor Lamp with Metal Reflector
luceplanberenicesmall - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Small Table Task Lamp
bereniceluceplan - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Table Lamp Aluminum Large

berenicelamp - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Table Lamp Black Large
luceplanberenicelamp - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Table Lamp Classic Large
luceplanbereniceled - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Table Lamp LED
luceplanberenicewall - Stardust
Luceplan Berenice Wall Lamp

1D5800000502 - Stardust
Luceplan Birzi Table Lamp
luceplanblow - Stardust
Luceplan Blow Fan: Modern Ceiling Fan with Light
luceplan-carrara-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Carrara Modern Floor Lamp by Alfredo Haberli
luceplan-chichibio-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Chichibio Floor and Ceiling Lamp

luceplan-costanza-floor-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Costanza Floor Lamp
costanzapendant - Stardust
Luceplan Costanza Pendant Lamp
costanzatable - Stardust
Luceplan Costanza Table Lamp
costanzinatable - Stardust
Luceplan Costanzina Small Table Lamp

luceplan-costanzina-wall-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Costanzina Wall Lamp
luceplan-fortebraccio-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Fortebraccio 05 Ceiling-Wall Lamp
luceplan-fortebraccio-floor-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Fortebraccio 05 Floor Lamp
luceplan-fortebraccio-table-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Fortebraccio 05 Table Lamp

glassglass-lamp-luceplan - Stardust
Luceplan GlassGlass Cylindrical Shade Ceiling Lamp
luceplan-glassglass-pendant-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan GlassGlass Egg-Shaped Pendant Lamp
glassglass-luceplan-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan GlassGlass Long Cylindrical Shade Ceiling Lamp
luceplan-glassglass-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan GlassGlass Round Shade Ceiling Lamp by Paolo Rizzatto

goggle - Stardust
Luceplan Goggle Wall and Ceiling Lamp
grande-costanzapl - Stardust
Luceplan Grande Costanza Modern Pendant Light
1D6612P00500 - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Ceiling Lamp D66/12p
luceplan-hope-chandelier - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Chandelier Extra Large D66/105

luceplan-hope-floor-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Floor Lamp D66/8td
luceplan-hope-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Pendant Lamp Large D66/42
1D6618S00500 - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Pendant Lamp Medium D66/18
1D6612S00500 - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Pendant Lamp Small D66/12

1D6608A00500 - Stardust
Luceplan Hope Wall Lamp D66/8a
luceplanladycostanzafl - Stardust
Luceplan Lady Costanza Modern Floor Lamp
lane - Stardust
Luceplan Lane Modern Sconce by Alfredo Haberli
luceplan-lightdisc - Stardust
Luceplan Lightdisc Large Wall or Ceiling Lamp

lightdisc - Stardust
Luceplan Lightdisc Modern Pendant Lamp
luceplan-lightdisc-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Lightdisc Small Wall or Ceiling Lamp
luceplan-lola-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Lola Wall Lamp
mali - Stardust
Luceplan Mali Modern Sconce or Ceiling Lamp

1D2027VC0520 - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli D20/27vc 10.6"DIA with Screw Base
1D2038V00519 - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli D20/38v 15"DIA with Screw Base
1D2056V00519 - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli D20/56v 22"DIA with Screw Base
luceplanmetropolid2017 - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli Lamp D20/17p 6.7"DIA with 2 Pin CFL

luceplanmetropolid2017p - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli Lamp D20/17p 6.7"DIA with 8W LED
luceplanmetropolid2017v - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli Lamp D20/17v 6.7"DIA with 40W Incandescent
luceplanmetropoliD2027fluo - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli Lamp D20/27pwc 10.6"DIA with 2 Pin CFL
1D2056P10520 - Stardust
Luceplan Metropoli Lamp D20/56p 22"DIA with 4 Pin CFL

1D600TI00520 - Stardust
Luceplan Miranda Modern Floor Lamp
1D600S000520 - Stardust
Luceplan Miranda Pendant Lamp
luceplan-miranda-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Miranda Table Lamp
mirandolina - Stardust
Luceplan Mirandolina Modern Pendant Lamp

luceplan-mirandolina-table-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Mirandolina Modern Table Lamp
luceplan-mix-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Mix Lamp LED Table Light
orchestrad27-15q - Stardust
Luceplan Orchestra D27/15q Modern Wall Lamp
orchestrad27-30or - Stardust
Luceplan Orchestra D27/30or Modern Wall Lamp

orchestrad27-30q - Stardust
Luceplan Orchestra D27/30q Modern Wall Lamp
orchestrad27-30v - Stardust
Luceplan Orchestra D27/30v Modern Wall Lamp
luceplan-piatto-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Piatto Wall Lamp
plissependant - Stardust
Luceplan Plisse Modern Pendant Lamp

luceplanpodlenslamp - Stardust
Luceplan Pod Lens Lamp by Ross Lovegrove
luceplanqueentitania - Stardust
Luceplan Queen Titania Pendant Lamp
screen - Stardust
Luceplan Screen Wall Sconce
sky - Stardust
Luceplan Sky Outdoor Solar Lamp

solarbud - Stardust
Luceplan Solar Bud Modern Outdoor Light by Ross Lovegrove
luceplanstarledtl - Stardust
Luceplan Starled Modern Table Lamp
stripd-22-1 - Stardust
Luceplan Strip D22/1 Modern Wall/Ceiling Lamp
stripd-22-2 - Stardust
Luceplan Strip D22/2 Modern Wall/Ceiling Lamp

stripd-22-3 - Stardust
Luceplan Strip D22/3 Modern Wall/Ceiling Lamp
stripd-22-4 - Stardust
Luceplan Strip D22/4 Modern Wall/Ceiling Lamp
luceplan-strip-lamp - Stardust
Luceplan Strip Modern Pendant Lamp Small
strippendantlg - Stardust
Luceplan Strip Pendant Lamp Large

1D22001E0502 - Stardust
Luceplan Strip Wall/Ceiling Lamp by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto
luceplan-sxg - Stardust
Luceplan SXG Modern Pendant Lamp Light
luceplantitania - Stardust
Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp
luceplantramapl - Stardust
Luceplan Trama Modern Pendant Lamp

luceplantramawlcl - Stardust
Luceplan Trama Modern Wall or Ceiling Lamp
1D2038P00520 - Stardust
Metropoli D20/38p Wall Lamp 15"DIA with 4 Pin CFL - Luceplan
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