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Shop the Kartell collection at Stardust, the leader in modern decoration for the home with a specialty in sophisticated Italian plastic creations. Browse our unique range in a dazzling array of colors to suit every budget and taste.

Since its launch in 1950, Kartell has been hailed as the world's most influential design firm. Beautifully styled products with great panache include the Kartell Eros Swivel Chair and the Kartell LCP Chaise.

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kartell-bubble-chair-6070 - Stardust
Bubble Club Chair
kartell-bubble-sofa-6050 - Stardust
Bubble Club Sofa  
kartell-bubble-table-6080 - Stardust
Bubble Club Table
kartellesconce - Stardust
E' Wall Light Sconce by Kartell

eroschair - Stardust
Eros Swivel Chair
kartellfoliagechair - Stardust
Foliage Chair by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell
kartellfoliagesofa - Stardust
Foliage Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell
francoisghost - Stardust
Francois Ghost Kartell Mirror by Philippe Starck

Gold Componibili by Kartell
hicutblack - Stardust
Hi Cut Chair - Black
hi-cut - Stardust
Hi Cut Chair - Transparent
hicutwhite - Stardust
Hi Cut Chair - White

kartellallsaints - Stardust
Kartell All Saints Modern Round Wall Mirror
altatesione - Stardust
Kartell Alta Tensione Modern Coat Rack by Enzo Mari
kartellamiami - Stardust
Kartell Ami Ami Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka
ami-amichair - Stardust
Kartell Ami Ami Modern Dining Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

ami-amitbl - Stardust
Kartell Ami Ami Table by Tokujin Yoshioka
battista - Stardust
Kartell Battista Bar Cart Tolley by Antonio Citterio
kartellbloomlamp - Stardust
Kartell Bloom Lamp by Ferrucio Laviani
bookworm - Stardust
Kartell Bookworm Wall Bookshelf by Ron Arad

kartell-bourgie-lamp - Stardust
Kartell Bourgie Modern Table Lamp by Ferrucio Laviani
charlesghost - Stardust
Kartell Charles Ghost Bar Stool by Philippe Starck
kartellcindy - Stardust
Kartell Cindy Table Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani
kartell-cindy-table-lamp - Stardust
Kartell Cindy Table Lamp Platinum - (Open Box): Floor Sample sale

kartell4801 - Stardust
Kartell Colombo 4801 Armchair by Joe Colombo
componibilitop - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Round Storage Large Module - Closure Top
componibili4953 - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Round Storage Large Module - Short
componibili4955 - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Round Storage Large Module - Tall

storagecart3 - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Round Three Door Storage
storagecart2 - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Round Two Door Storage
componibili-door - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Square - Door for Large Units
componibili-lid - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Square Storage Module - Closure Top

componibili-small - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Square Storage Module - Short Unit
componibili-large - Stardust
Kartell Componibili Square Storage Module - Tall Unit
dolly - Stardust
Kartell Dolly Modern Folding Chair by Antonio Citterio
drno - Stardust
Kartell Dr No Armchair Modern by Philippe Starck

drglob - Stardust
Kartell Dr. Glob Modern Chair by Philippe Starck
dryes - Stardust
Kartell Dr. Yes Chair Design by Philippe Starck
drawers - Stardust
Kartell Drawers Modern Storage by Simon Fussell
dune-tray - Stardust
Kartell Dune Modern Serving Tray by Mario Bellini

e-lamp - Stardust
Kartell E Pendant Light
easy - Stardust
Kartell Easy Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani
eros4837 - Stardust
Kartell Eros Chair with Wire Base by Philippe Starck
fl-y - Stardust
Kartell FL/Y Icon Pendant Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani

flip - Stardust
Kartell Flip Modern Table Trolley by Antonio Citterio
form - Stardust
Kartell Form Modern Lounge Chair by Piero Lissoni
fpe - Stardust
Kartell FPE Modern Design Chair by Ron Arad
frilly - Stardust
Kartell Frilly Chair Modern by Patricia Urquiola

kartellfrontpage - Stardust
Kartell Front Page Magazine Rack
gastone - Stardust
Kartell Gastone Modern Table Trolley by Antonio Citterio
kartellgelamp - Stardust
Kartell Ge Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani
ghost-buster - Stardust
Kartell Ghost Buster Side Table by Philippe Starck

smallghostbuster - Stardust
Kartell Ghost Buster Side Table Small by Philippe Starck
kartell-grace-k-bag-black - Stardust
Kartell Grace K Handbag in Black Smoke
grace-k-hand-bag-kartell - Stardust
Kartell Grace K Handbag in Coral Orange
grace-grace-kelly-handbag - Stardust
Kartell Grace K Handbag in Dove Peach

kartell-grace-k-handbag - Stardust
Kartell Grace K Handbag in Milk White
kartellgracekhandbag - Stardust
Kartell Grace K Handbag in White Bone Dove
kartellcoathanger - Stardust
Kartell Hanger Modern Coat Rack Stand by Alberto Meda
higlob - Stardust
Kartell Hi Glob Stool- Hi-Glob Bar Stool

honeycomb - Stardust
Kartell Honeycomb Modern Folding Chair by Alberto Meda
infinity - Stardust
Kartell Infinity Modern Wine Rack Bottle Holder by Ron Arad
kartellinvisible - Stardust
Kartell Invisible Side Table by Tokujin Yoshioka
jolly - Stardust
Kartell Jolly Modern Table by Paolo Rizzatto

la-boheme2 - Stardust
Kartell La Boheme 2 Modern Stool by Philippe Starck
la-boheme3 - Stardust
Kartell La Boheme 3 Stool by Philippe Starck
la-boheme8872 - Stardust
Kartell La Boheme 8872 Modern Vase by Philippe Starck
la-boheme8873 - Stardust
Kartell La Boheme 8873 Modern Vase by Philippe Starck

kartell-la-boheme-stool - Stardust
Kartell La Boheme Vase Crystal - (Open Box): Floor Sample sale
lamariecrystal - Stardust
Kartell La Marie Chair by Philippe Starck
kartelllamarie - Stardust
Kartell La Marie Chair by Philippe Starck
kartelllcp - Stardust
Kartell LCP Chair Transparent by Maarten Van Severen

lizzchair - Stardust
Kartell Lizz Chair by Piero Lissoni
lovelyrita - Stardust
Kartell Lovely Rita Modern Bookshelf by Ron Arad
kartellmagichole - Stardust
Kartell Magic Hole Chair
kartellmasterschair - Stardust
Kartell Masters Modern Designer Chair by Philippe Starck

kartellmatelasse - Stardust
Kartell Matelasse Vase by Patricia Urquiola
maui - Stardust
Kartell Maui Chair by Vico Magistretti
mauiarm - Stardust
Kartell Maui Modern Arm Chair by Vico Magistretti
kartellmaxbeam - Stardust
Kartell Max-Beam Stool/Table | Max Beam

kartellmissless - Stardust
Kartell Miss Less Chair
misstrip - Stardust
Kartell Miss Trip Modern Dining Chair by Philippe Starck
missesflowerpower - Stardust
Kartell Misses Flower Power Vase by Philippe Starck
stone - Stardust
Kartell Modern Stone Stool by Marcel Wanders

mooreatask - Stardust
Kartell Moorea Chair by Vico Magistretti - Moorea Armchair
moorea - Stardust
Kartell Moorea Modern Armchair by Vico Magistretti
neutra - Stardust
Kartell Neutra Saucer Pendant Light by Ferruccio Laviani
nihau - Stardust
Kartell Nihau Chair Modern by Vico Magistretti


Kartell Design

Shop the Kartell Sale everyday at Stardust. The leading name in modern Italian furniture, Kartell has been the pre-eminent symbol of tasteful Italian design and style for over half a century. Kartell is one of the leading Italian design companies specializing in modern furniture, modern lighting and modern home accessories such as the Kartell Bourgie lamp, Kartell chairs such as the Louis Ghost Chair and the Mademoiselle Chair, Kartell furniture including accent tables, barstools, dining tables, office furniture, storage solutions. The modern design and modern contemporary furniture collection from Kartell contains a vast array of classic design icons created by a team of designers of international fame: Ron Arad, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Patrick Jouin, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Vico Magistretti, Alberto Meda, Enzo Mari, Paolo Rizzatto, Maarten Van Severen, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola. Discover the best of Kartell Design on Sale.

Kartell Furniture

Discover Kartell Furniture at Stardust. Kartell creates functional modern objects for the home. Stardust specializes in Kartell modern furniture at unbeatable prices. Almost every Kartell chair or lamp is in stock and ready to ship. Receive free fast shipping with no minimum required on any Kartell purchase. At Stardust, we carry the complete Kartell collection of modern contemporary home products, modern furniture, lighting and accssories. Kartell is a world leader in modern design for the home with a specialty in plastic furniture production.

chairs by kartell
Kartell Chairs including the Louis Ghost Chairs by Philippe Starck (image credit Mel Yates).

Famous Designers

World famous designers collaborate with Kartell, including Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Patrick Jouin, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders, Tokujin Yoshioka, Vico Magistretti, Alberto Meda, Enzo Mari, Paolo Rizzatto and Maarten Van Severen. It is a creative team which, together with Kartell, has developed a special intuition through dialogue and the continual exchange of design ideas. This has served to establish a perfect balance between each designer's project experience and Kartell's potential and demands. Kartell addresses an international clientele with a collection unique in originality, variety, size and range. The products are multifunctional and cross-sectional, easy-to-use and with undeniable visual appeal.

kartell victoria ghost

Kartell Lighting

Stardust is pleased to offer the modern contemporary Kartell furniture and lighting collection which enhance any home interior. The Kartell modern design collection is made and imported from Italy. Kartell chairs and lamps are the ultimate expression of beauty. We carry the complete Kartell line of chairs, lamps, mirrors, organizers and accessories for your home- and office decorating needs including the ever popular Kartell Bourgie Lamp, the Bubble Club Chair, Componibili Storage Modules, Kartell Louis Ghost Chair, Mr. Impossible Chair and Victoria Ghost Chair. Check our entire modern design collection for decorating ideas. We specialize in home lighting, lamps and accessories for the modern home that are as beautiful as they are timeless. Stardust carries the best in modern lighting with free shipping and unbeatable pricing, guaranteed! strives to make your Kartell purchase as simple and as hassle free as possible. We look forward to assist you with your Kartell purchase.

kartell staff picks Stardust Kartell Staff Picks pictured from left to right:
» Philippe Starck holding the Stardust Staff Pick Sign
» Kartell FL/Y Pendant Light Fixtures by Ferruccio Laviani
» Kartell Victoria Ghost Side Chairs by Philippe Starck
» Kartell Ghost Buster Side Tables by Philippe Starck


Kartell was established in 1949 and has become the world leader in Italian modern design and contemporary home accessories. The Kartell collection includes Italian made furniture and lighting that incorporates the renowned craftsmanship of Italian design with the latest, award-winning technologies. Throughout Kartell's 60 year life span the design world has seen trends come and go. As the Kartell line has grown and changed there have been select items that have remained fashionable no matter the era. The ever popular Louis and Victoria Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck have become icons of contemporary meets classic design. Ferruccio Laviani's Bourgie lamp, in its many incarnations, has a similar lasting quality. Even entering into the realm of 'form meets function', Anna Castelli Ferrieri's Componibili series has brought simple and modular organization and storage to homes for over 30 years.

kartell bourgie lamp sale
Above: Kartell Bourgie Lamps designed by Ferruccio Laviani
Our customers love this beautiful table lamp with blends old world style with modern design.
Kartell's Bourgie lamp is the revisiting of a classic design: the Baroque table lamp.

Browse Kartell design by category:

Discover Kartell products by category; browse a wide variety of styles and colors.

» Kartell Chairs
» Kartell Stools
» Kartell Office Chairs
» Kartell Bar Stools
» Kartell Tables
» Kartell Lighting
» Kartell Wall Sconces
» Kartell Table Lamps
» Kartell Pendant Lamps
» Kartell Wall Mirrors
» Kartell Wall Clocks
» Kartell Storage
» Kartell Bookshelves
» Kartell Umbrella Stands
» Kartell Serving Trays
» Kartell Serving Bowls
» Kartell Coat Racks

Browse Kartell design by name of designer:

The best names in furniture design have worked with Kartell to create a wonderful selection of modern home goods.

» Ron Arad design for Kartell
» Mario Bellini design for Kartell
» Olaf Von Bohr design for Kartell
» Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec design for Kartell
» Joe Colombo design for Kartell
» Anna Castelli Ferrieri design for Kartell
» Antonio Citterio design for Kartell
» Front design for Kartell
» Patrick Jouin design for Kartell
» Phillipe Starck design for Kartell
» Ferruccio Laviani design for Kartell
» Piero Lissoni design for Kartell
» Vico Magistretti design for Kartell
» Alberto Meda design for Kartell
» Eugeni Quitllet design for Kartell
» Patricia Urquiola design for Kartell
» Maarten Van Severen design for Kartell
» Tokujin Yoshioka design for Kartell

Kartell Product Images:

Kartell Cindy Lamp

Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs

Kartell Mr Impossible Chair on Left

Kartell Chairs

Kartell Chairs

Kartell Lamps

Kartell Cindy Lamps and Panier Table

Kartell La Boheme

Shop Modern Chairs and Lighting by Kartell at Stardust

Stardust offers the Kartell modern furniture collection at guaranteed low pricing and free shipping. Our knowledgeable Kartell experts will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have about the Kartell product range. The Kartell collection includes Italian designed affordable modern indoor- and outdoor furniture, lighting and home accessories. Each Kartell product is made and imported from Italy. Kartell produces the finest contemporary plastic furniture for both home and office. The modern furniture and lighting collection from Kartell presents a versatile and sophisticated line of contemporary chairs, lamps, mirrors and accessories with beautiful modern design features. Stardust carries the complete Kartell line including Kartell lamps, Kartell Tables and Kartell Chairs. We offer the popular Kartell Ghost Chairs, Kartell Bourgie Lamps and Kartell Fly Lamps. Kartell is one of our favorite modern furniture brands since their fresh design is always of high quality and reasonably priced. We offer complimentary ground shipping on every Kartell product with no minimum required. We will beat any competitor's price on Kartell items, guaranteed! Let our friendly, knowledgeable Kartell experts answer your questions!

bookworm by kartell

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