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Modern Ceiling Fan Designs

Shop Ceiling Fans by The Modern Fan Company at Stardust, the premier source for contemporary & modern ceiling fan designs including the Ball Ceiling Fan with Optional Light, Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan, Altus Ceiling Fans and the modern Lapa Hugger Ceiling Fan. Discover stylish fans by the Modern Ceiling Fan company in a wide variety of styles and colors. The Modern Fan Company: stylish, silent fans with a distinctive modern style, with- or without light.

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Modern Fans

Stardust, known for its high-quality modern lighting, furniture and home accessories, specializes in ceiling fans by The Modern Fan Co. We carry the entire Modern Fan collection as well as other modern ceiling fan options. Our ceiling fan specialist are here to help you with any questions you may have about our fans. Modern Fans can keep you comfortable while helping to reduce energy consumption in several ways. Like a nice breeze on a warm day, moving air offers recognizable relief from heat and humidity (scientists have a term for what's happening on your skin "evaporative cooling"). This "cooling" effect allows for upward adjustment of your AC thermostat by as much as 8 degrees, resulting in up to 40% reduction in power consumption. In many cases, air conditioning can be turned off entirely, with a Modern Fan using less electricity than a standard light bulb.

Moving Air

Ceiling fans move stagnant air during in summer and provide a breath of fresh air whenever needed at the switch of a button (or remote). Shop a range of modern and contemporary design ceiling fans to suite any style of home or office. The Modern Fan Company's line of contemporary fans has been designed to complement modern interiors. Their look is clean and uncomplicated with eye-catching, geometric lines that nicely blend in with existing interior styles. Versatile yet sophisticated, these stylish fans have a streamlined design that compliments any interior. We have a ceiling fan to suit all tastes and offer modern designs and the latest energy saving technology

How to Select a Ceiling Fan

The choice of your ceiling fan depends on several factors: how large is your room & the height of your ceiling. The more space between the blades and the ceiling, the more effectively your fan will circulate and distribute air. However, building codes require that the blades of a ceiling fan must be at least 7-feet above the floor. Generally, we recommend hanging the fan as far down from the ceiling as is visually appropriate, while maintaining the 7-foot blade clearance above the floor. When dealing with higher ceilings, one-third the distance to the floor is a good guideline. We generally recommend one of our hugger models for 8-foot ceilings. Keep in mind that optional light kits may add several inches to the overall length of the fan. In nearly all cases, our 50-inch to 56-inch blade spans are the most appropriate selections. The 42-inch or 46-inch blade spans should be reserved for smaller rooms or narrow spaces (10-foot-by-10-foot and smaller) or when airflow to the area above the blades is blocked or restricted by architectural elements (beams, walls, cabinetry, etc.). Occasionally, two 42-inch fans may be a desirable alternative to one 52-inch fan. Our Altus and Cirrus models are also available with a 36-inch blade span for exceptionally small or narrow spaces.

Ceiling Fans Without- or With Light

Most of our ceiling fans come with optional light kits providing a convenient combination of cool air and illumination. Several switching and control options for both speed and light control are available as options. Optional light kits include a halogen spot light which provides direct illumination (usually adds 2" to height of the fan), and an incandescent or fluorescent glass globe which diffuses light and provides general illumination (usually adds 3" to height of the fan). A ceiling fan with light is a great choice when used above a dining room table or in bedrooms.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

As with all electrical products, assembly and installation is required. Power supply must be turned off prior to any contact with electrical wires. As with any electrical product, it is recommended that a licensed electrician be hired to install your ceiling fan.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Hugger-style ceiling fans, also known as flush-mount ceiling fans, from the Modern Fan Co feature a compact design and can be installed flush to the ceiling, making them ideal for use in rooms with lower ceilings such as most mid-century modern homes or ranch style houses. They are also ideal for most apartments. Popular flush-mount fan designs include the Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan and Ball Hugger Fan. These beautiful modern ceiling fans mount flush to the ceiling for a beautiful minimalist appearance that compliments any space. These ceiling fans arre modern, subtle, yet extremely powerful. Ceiling fan airflow and efficiency are often overlooked, but the amount of air your fan moves each minute impacts the level of performance. The Ball Hugger Fan for example has one of the most powerful motors which efficiently moves over 5837 cubic feet per minute which is plenty for most spaces.

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