Finn Juhl FJ Wood Clock by Architectmade, Black Finn Juhl FJ Wood Clock by Architectmade, Black

    Finn Juhl FJ Wood Clock by Architectmade, Black

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    Finn Juhl FJ Wood Clock, Black
    Architectmade, Denmark

    Designer: Finn Juhl
    Manufacturer: Architectmade

    The FJ Clock (black), designed by Architectmade in wood, is a mid 20th-century wall clock with a streamlined design. This Architectmade FJ Clock in Black, designed by Finn Juhl in 1950, is available in either small (9.84-inch) or large (13.78-inch). These disc-shaped clocks are fashioned from black stained ashwood that display an attractive wood grain. Functions with a standard AA battery, not included. Clean with damp cloth and apply teak oil periodically. Handmade in Denmark.

    Bring contemporary and clean-lined looks to your walls with this black wall clock, this perfect mix of subtle, airy looks and midcentury modern Danish aesthetics. The FJ Clock is still mounted in the historic UN Chamber in New York, the venue of numerous meetings on human rights and international environmental work. The clock has survived several refurbishments and today hangs as the noticeable signature and acknowledgement of the designer of the Chamber.

    One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones. - Finn Juhl.

    Small: 9.84" diamteter (25cm)
    Large: 13.78" diameter (35cm)

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