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    Kartell Upper Folding Step Ladder - New

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    Kartell Upper Step Ladder Sale - Kartell Design

    Kartell Upper Step Ladder with New Sustainable Material
    Folding Step Ladder and Step Stool

    Designer: Alberto Meda
    Designer: Paolo Rizzatto
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    The Kartell Upper Step Ladder has been revitalized with new sustainable materials. It stands as our best-selling folding step ladder, a testament to its remarkable popularity. With outstanding functionality, this stepladder beautifully marries form and function.
    Highlighted by a robust, angular design and cutting-edge technology, Kartell's Upper folding step ladder effortlessly complements homes and workplaces alike. Crafted by Italian designers Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto exclusively for Kartell in Italy, its modern aesthetic suits compact spaces, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, home offices, and even garages.
    Notably, its slip-resistant steps ensure secure climbing, while its transparent polycarbonate body with a solid metal structure can hold up to 280 lbs. This practical yet attractive ladder can also be folded for easy storage. Whether it's reaching high shelves or changing a light bulb, the Kartell Upper folding step ladder offers both form and function, combining aesthetic appeal with durability. Display it alone or alongside furniture in various settings, such as the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, adding versatility and elegance to any space.

    Transparency 2.0
    This product is a result of continuous research and innovation. Kartell pioneered transparency in design and has now evolved to create both best-selling items and new concepts using a green version of polycarbonate under the "Kartell loves the planet" initiative. This material is derived from a renewable feedstock within the pulp and paper industry during synthesis. It holds ISCC* certification, facilitating the shift to a circular economy by ensuring traceability across the supply chain. This allows for sourcing sustainable products from certified holders. Polycarbonate 2.0 maintains the structural and mechanical attributes of fossil feedstock, offering design freedom and aesthetics without constraints. (*ISCC: International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) https://www.iscc-system.org

    Dimensions when Opened: 18.11"W x 23.62"H x 22.83"D
    Dimensions when Folded: 18.11"W x 30.77"H x 6.69"D
    Weight Capacity: 280 lbs.
    Material: steel, polycarbonate 2.0

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