Kartell Thalya Modern Dining Chair by Patrick Jouin Kartell Thalya Modern Dining Chair by Patrick Jouin

    Kartell Thalya Modern Dining Chair by Patrick Jouin

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    Kartell Thalya Chair

    Kartell Thalya Modern Design Chair
    Thalya Transparent Office/Dining Chair by Patrick Jouin

    Designer: Patrick Jouin
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Thalya Modern/Design Chair by Kartell. The Thalya Chair was designed by Patrick Jouin for Kartell in Italy. Kartell's Thalya boasts a surprisingly contemporary yet simple design with a strong graphic impact that captures the chairs' attention. Jouin's Thalia is a a beautiful, classy and elegant chair with a gracious- and free flowing shape that compliments your dining room setting.

    The chair is made using gas injection molding. This advanced production process gives the Thalya chair new levels of strength while remaining lightweight. Its particular manufacturing process allows the surface to be incised with a pattern of irregular vertical and horizontal stripes covering the entire back of the seat and the backrest. The lines are gentle and easy on the eyes with rounded corners, creating an "almost feminine" form. Kartell's Thalya chair is stackable as well can be used for indoors as well as outdoor seating. A perfect chair for a variety of applications by the notable French designer, Patrick Jouin.

    Thalya was designed by chair designer Patrick Jouin and is manufactured in Italy by Kartell. This polycarbonate chair has sinuous, elegant, soft and almost feminine lines. The chair offers true versatility and works wonders around the dining table, conference table, home office, etc.

    The price is for one Thalya Chair.
    This chair must be purchased in multiples of two.
    We are unable to ship single pieces since the Thalya Chairs are packed two per box.

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    Collection: Kartell
    Kartell Product Code: 5810
    Dimensions: 33"H (84cm) x 18 1/9"W (46cm) x 19 2/3"D (50cm)
    Seat Height: 18 1/2"H (47cm)
    Material: transparent or colored polycarbonate
    Weight: 11.35 lbs (5.42 kg)
    Use: indoordining room, living room, office
    Finish: transparent or solid
    Certification: EN 15373:2007
    Stackable: yes; stack up to 5 chairs
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: chairs, dining chairs, armchairs
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary
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