Quartet Stainless Steel Taper Candle Holder by Architectmade Quartet Stainless Steel Taper Candle Holder by Architectmade

    Quartet Stainless Steel Taper Candle Holder by Architectmade

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    Hans Bolling Quartet Stainless Steel Taper Candle Holder
    Architectmade, Denmark

    Designer: Hans Bolling
    Manufacturer: Architectmade

    The Quartet Taper Candle Holder (3.94 x 3.94 x 2.36 inch), designed by Architectmade in mirror polished stainless steel, holds candles in contemporary Danish style. Architectmade's Quartet, designed by Hans Bolling in 1976, is a fluid and playful candleholder with a modular twist. Contemporary shaped, these modular candle holders are designed to be displayed as a either a single piece, or, as a centerpiece when several pieces are combined. The Quartet One candleholder is suitable for standard taper candles. Price is for one (1) piece. Buy one as a unique accent piece or combined several for a beautiful centerpiece.

    With this innovative approach to design, Hans Bolling has taken the beauty of nature's organic movements and shaped it into a timeless design object. The candleholder can stand on it's own or be placed together in a continuous array of compositions, depicting the movements and structures of nature. Quartet radiates both the significant playfulness and a rare elegance of Hans Bollings designs. Made of stainless steel, the organic shape is significantly put to the fore: When arranged in a group you can create new constellations, which recall, for example, on a wave or show a modern advent wreath. So new ensembles, which make the home more comfortable can be created again and again.

    Bolling's work is known for its play, humor and wit. A passionate spirit whose practice and products are inspired by creative diversity, Bølling’s interest in architecture drew him back to school for a secondary degree after training as an advertising designer, growing his practice beyond objects to include villas, living complexes and town halls. Early in his career he began to craft small figures from botanicals as gifts for family and friends. The precision and personality in his objects paved the way for success as he quickly began to sell the wooden figures to stores.

    "I love listening to Mozart and Bach when I draw. I also have a small quote pinned there: "Words are the source of misunderstanding", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. There is something profound and inspiring about that quote that I can relate to. - Hans Bolling.

    MPN: 141074
    Material: Mirror Polished Stainless steel
    Color: Stainless steel
    Dimensions: Height: 2.36", Depth: 3.94", Length: 3.94" (6x10x10cm)
    Weight: 508 g (without packaging)
    EAN: 6442218635898
    Design: Hans Bolling

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