Kartell Optic Storage Cube Modular Storage System by Patrick Jouin Kartell Optic Storage Cube Modular Storage System by Patrick Jouin

    Kartell Optic Storage Cube Modular Storage System by Patrick Jouin

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    Kartell Optic

    Kartell Optic Cube Storage
    Optic-Cube Modular/Stackable Storage System by Patrick Jouin

    Kartell Optic Cube Storage Container
    Designer: Patrick Jouin
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Kartell's Optic is prominently displayed in our store. Our customers and staff absolutely love it. This very attractive storage unit is modular and super functional. It is great for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, home office or large business. Optic offers a myriad of potential combinations whether by placing the cubes next to each other, by stacking them or by creating linear compositions. Depending on their quantity and arrangement, they can charmingly fulfill a wide variety of needs.

    Each Optic measures 16" x 16" x 16" which is the perfect size for most things you will need to organize. A couple of these storage units could be perfect for small studio apartments while a larger arrangement can be used for those with plenty of stuff to organize & store. Kartell's Optic is surprisingly strong so it is also perfect for heavier objects like books. Optic has the potential to become your most-loved organizer!

    The Optic Cube was designed by Patrick Jouin for Kartell in Italy. Kartell's faceted Optic Cube is an exciting object with its transparent or mirrored parts that create a special reflected atmosphere. Made entirely out of PMMA plastic, the glossy, faceted surfaces of the Optic are decorated with square-based pyramids, evoking the features of a precious gem. A 16" cube, the Optic is available either with one open side or with a small door and comes in three color options. Optics can be combined to form an endless number of arrangements or used alone to meet a wide variety of storage needs.
    The price is for one unit.

    Collection: Kartell
    Kartell Product Code: 3500|3510
    Dimensions Open: 16" (41cm) W x 16" (41cm) D x 16" (41cm) H
    Material: transparent or solid PMMA plastic
    Weight: 13.72 lbs (6.24 kg)
    Use: indoorbedroom, office, office
    Finish: glossy
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Product Category: tables, storage cubes, bedside tables
    Style: Italian design, modern, contemporary
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