Kartell Moon Bowl by Mario Bellini Kartell Moon Bowl by Mario Bellini

    Kartell Moon Bowl by Mario Bellini

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    Moon Bowl

    Transparent Serving Bowl
    Mario Bellini - Kartell Moon Bowl - Made in Italy


    Kartell Moon Bowl by Mario Bellini. Moon Bowl is a large transparent serving bowl. Chances are that you will probably never set foot on the surface of the Moon. But at least you should have your own Kartell Moon Bowl! A gorgeous addition to the latest Kartell design products, the Moon bowl is a great accompaniment to the Dune Tray which is also available from Stardust Modern Design. The Moon Bowl was designed by the Italian designer Mario Bellini for Kartell in Italy. Mario Bellini is a world renowned Italian architect and designer. We have loved his work ever since his first creations for Olivetti in the early 1970s. Like many other Italian architects, his activities range from architecture and urban planning to product and furniture design. Perhaps it's the little Campari Soda that makes the creative juices run faster; to be honest we simply don't know how the Italians can get away with so much fun.


    With his new Moon Bowl design for Kartell, Mario Bellini's creative genius and Kartell's technology know-how bring to life a revolutionary and fascinating design. These Moon bowls are in keeping with the theme of the Dune tray. Their colorfulness and the self pattern in the bowls creates a shimmering transparent look. The Moon bowls available from Stardust Modern Design get there name from the surface pattern it creates. The Kartell Moon bowls appear to be like the moon's surface reflecting the dancing light of the sun over the craters creating shadows. The stellar Kartell Moon bowls look like double-faced lunar caps inside and out. The semi-transparent polycarbonate of the Moon bowl is sculpted from within causing it to vary in chromatic intensity and luminosity. It also creates the illusion of a magical three dimensional pattern on the surface. Moon bowls are available in seven vibrant translucent colors.


    These big bowls are perfect for displaying fruit, serving salads, pretending it's a flying saucer or anything you like. The Moon bowls by Kartell are pretty substantial in size and measure a whopping 17.7" in diameter. The bowls' large size makes it as practical as it is beautiful. Perfect for creating a centerpiece on any table, the Kartell Moon Bowl has a beautifully rounded shape, and looks perfect when displayed with fruit, accessories or on its own. It also makes a stunning statement in the kitchen. Available in seven delicious translucent colors including crystal, smoke, blue, yellow, orange, red and fuchsia.


    Collection: Kartell
    Product Code: 1220
    Material: transparent pmma plastic
    Finish: glossy
    Dimensions: 17.7" diameter x 6.5" height
    Use: indoor, outdoor
    Product Category: Tableware
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