Kartell Dune Serving Tray Smoke Kartell Dune Serving Tray Smoke

    Kartell Dune Serving Tray Smoke

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    Kartell Dune Sale - Kartell Design

    Kartell Dune Serving Tray by Mario Bellini
    Transparent Smoke Edition

    Designer: Mario Bellini
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    Kartell Dune Tray in transparent Smoke Grey.
    Entertain in style with the Dune serving tray by Kartell. The Kartell Dune Tray is one of the most beautiful serving trays ever created. The Dune serving tray was designed by Italian designer Mario Bellini for Kartell in Italy. The innovative design, inspired by free flowing sand dunes, transforms a simple serving tray into something extraordinary. Dune has a raised rim making it easy to carry around the house. Modern and sleek, Dune is a stylish and elegant way to serve breakfast, evening meals, drinks or offer hors d'oeuvres at all your gatherings. Dune is made by Kartell in Italy.

    The semi transparent polycarbonate of the Kartell Dune serving tray sculpted from within varies in chromatic intensity and luminosity. The Kartell Dune tray seems to project a magical three-dimensional illusion onto the surface holding glasses and cups. Images fluctuate and flow in the beautiful Dune tray. Like mountain torrents, rivers of lava, fiery flames. Animated images of the caprices of wind and light. Like the waves on the sea, desert dunes or the shimmering reflections of silk. These transparent crystal serving trays are the first born of a family of small objects. Invented and designed to delight you with unexpected emotions.

    Size Small: 18.1" x 12.5"
    Material: batch-dyed technopolymar, thermoplastic
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