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George Nelson Design (1908-1986), USA.

George Nelson was one of the most groundbreaking designers of mid century modern design in the 20th century. Among George Nelson's most well-known works are the iconic Nelson clocks and Bubble lamps who continue to adorn homes all over the world. Please have a look at the George Nelson collection which includes elegant wall clocks from the Vitra Design Museum like the George Nelson Ball clock, the George Nelson Sunburst clock and the large Sunflower clock. The Herman Miller collection includes quality design pieces like the George Nelson bench, the George Nelson Coconut chair and the George Nelson miniature chest. And we have seen the George Nelson Marshmallow sofa in more museum collections, tv commercials and in magazine ads than we can remember! The George Nelson Bubble Lamps continue to be our most popular lamps in our modern lighting collection. These modern lights include the Saucer lamp, Ball Lamp, Cigar Lamp, Criss Cross lamp and many other modern pendants from the Modernica collection.

When writing about the course of his remarkable 50-year career, George Nelson described a series of creative "zaps"--moments of out-of-the-blue inspiration "when the solitary individual finds he is connected with a reality he never dreamed of."

George Nelson got an early zap in the 1930s, when he was an architectural student in Rome. Before returning home, an idea struck him: He would travel Europe and interview leading modern architects, hoping to get the articles published in the U.S. He succeeded, and in the process introduced the U.S. design community to the European avant-garde. This set in motion a sequence of what he called "lucky" career breaks that were really the inevitable outcomes of his brilliance as a designer, teacher, and author. The first break was being named an editor of Architectural Forum magazine. Working on a story there in 1942, he was looking at aerial photos of blighted cities when--zap!--he developed the concept of the downtown pedestrian mall, which was unveiled in the Saturday Evening Post. Soon after, another zap led to the Storagewall, the first modular storage system and a forerunner of systems furniture. The Storagewall was showcased in a 1945 Life magazine article, causing a sensation in the furniture industry. Herman Miller founder D.J. DePree saw the article and was so impressed that he paid a visit to Nelson in New York and convinced him to be his director of design, which spurred Nelson to found his design firm, George Nelson & Associates. The warm personal and professional relationship between Nelson and DePree yielded a stunning range of products, from the playful Marshmallow Sofa to the first L-shaped desk, a precursor of today's workstation.

George Nelson once wrote that Herman Miller "is not playing follow-the-leader". That's one reason why George Nelson & Associates worked with Herman Miller for over 25 years as they shepherded design into the modern era.

During this same period, George Nelson & Associates also created many landmark designs of products, showrooms, and exhibitions for a variety of companies and organizations. George Nelson said that for a designer to deal creatively with human needs, "he must first make a radical, conscious break with all values he identifies as antihuman." Designers also must constantly be aware of the consequences of their actions on people and society. In fact, he declared that "total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything." So he said that rather than specializing, designers must cultivate a broad base of knowledge and understanding. George Nelson did so as few are able, and, with the help of well-timed zaps, he helped define modern, humane design.

View the George Nelson Herman Miller Collection.
View the George Nelson Modernica Collection.
View the George Nelson Vitra Collection.
View the George Nelson Design Archive.

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CIGARLAMP - Stardust
Cigar Pendant by George Nelson
vitraeyeclock - Stardust
Eye Clock Sale - (Open Box): Floor Sample
APPLELAMP - Stardust
George Nelson Apple Pendant Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Ball Table Lamp with Tripod Stand Modernica

George Nelson Ball Wall Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Bell Pendant Lamp Modernica
cigarccpendantl - Stardust
George Nelson Cigar Criss Cross Pendant Lamp Modernica
nelson-cigar-lotus-floor-lamp - Stardust
George Nelson Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp with Walnut Base

nelson-cigar-lotus-table-lamp - Stardust
George Nelson Cigar Lotus Table Lamp with Walnut Base
George Nelson Cigar Table Lamp with Tripod Stand Modernica
George Nelson Cigar Wall Lamp Modernica
ballcrisscross - Stardust
George Nelson Criss Cross Ball Pendant Lamp Modernica

pearccpendantl - Stardust
George Nelson Criss Cross Pear Pendant Lamp Modernica
nelsondiamond - Stardust
George Nelson Diamond Pendant Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Lantern Pendant Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Lantern with Tripod Stand Table Lamp Modernica

George Nelson Lotus Ball Table Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Lotus Cigar Floor Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Lotus Cigar Table Lamp Modernica
PEARFLOOR - Stardust
George Nelson Lotus Pear Floor Lamp Modernica

PEARTABLE - Stardust
George Nelson Lotus Pear Table Lamp Modernica
PEARLAMP - Stardust
George Nelson Pear Pendant Lamp Modernica
George Nelson Pear Table Lamp with Tripod Stand Modernica
George Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp

George Nelson Saucer Wall Lamp Modernica
george-nelson-sunflower-clock-vitra - Stardust
George Nelson Sunflower Clock Vitra: Sample Sale
nelsontripleball - Stardust
George Nelson Triple Ball Lamp Fixture
nelsontriplecigar - Stardust
George Nelson Triple Cigar Lamp Fixture

George Nelson Triple Nelson Bubble Fixture Modernica
nelsontriplesaucer - Stardust
George Nelson Triple Saucer Lamp Fixture
nelsonhalflamp - Stardust
Modernica George Nelson Half Nelson Table Lamp
nelsonballclockmulti-ss - Stardust
Nelson Ball Clock Sale

marshmallownelson - Stardust
Nelson Miniature Marshmallow Sofa - (Open Box): Floor Sample sale
BALLLAMP - Stardust
Pendant Ball Bubble Lamp by George Nelson
Propeller Lamp by George Nelson
nelson-saucer-criss-cross - Stardust
Saucer Criss Cross Pendant by George Nelson

Vitra Diamond Table Clock by George Nelson
ELIHU - Stardust
Vitra Elihu The Elephant Clock by George Nelson
nelsonfernando - Stardust
Vitra Fernando the Fish Clock by George Nelson
nelsoncoconutmini - Stardust
Vitra Miniature Coconut Chair by George Nelson

nelsonmarshmellwmini - Stardust
Vitra Miniature Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson
ASTERISK - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Asterisk Clock Black by George Nelson
vitraballclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Ball Clock Brass by George Nelson
BALLCLOCK - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Ball Clock Multicolor by George Nelson

georgenelsonclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Ball Clock Natural by George Nelson
nelsonballclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Ball Clock Orange by George Nelson
vitrawallclocks - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Ball Clock Red by George Nelson
nelsoneyeclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Eye Clock by George Nelson

vitra-petal-clock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Petal Clock by George Nelson in Black
nelsonspindleclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Spindle Clock by George Nelson
vitrastarclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Star Clock by George Nelson
sunburstclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Sunburst Clock Multicolor by George Nelson

SUNBURST - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Sunburst Clock Red by George Nelson
nelsonsunburst - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Sunburst Clock Walnut by George Nelson
vitrasunflowerclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Sunflower Clock by George Nelson
vitra-sunflower-clock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Sunflower Clock by George Nelson in Black/Brass

nelsonturbineclock - Stardust
Vitra Nelson Turbine Clock by George Nelson
Vitra Night Table Clock by George Nelson
OMAROWL - Stardust
Vitra Omar the Owl Clock by George Nelson
polygonclock - Stardust
Vitra Polygon Modern Clock by George Nelson

TRIPOD - Stardust
Vitra Tripod Clock by George Nelson
wheelclock - Stardust
Vitra Wheel Modern Clock by George Nelson
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