Polder Sofa from Hella Jongerius by Vitra Polder Sofa from Hella Jongerius by Vitra

    Polder Sofa from Hella Jongerius by Vitra

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    polder sofa vitra

    Polder Sofa
    Vitra Design Museum, Europe

    Designer: Hella Jongerius
    Manufacturer: Vitra

    Polder Sofa by Hella Jongerius from Vitra. Vitra's Modern Polder Sofa is a striking, low sofa composed of carefully coordinated hues and weaves: shades of green, red, golden yellow or night blue. In place of standard upholstery fabrics, textiles developed exclusively for Vitra by Hella Jongerius are used as cover materials.

    In the home country of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, the word 'polder' refers to low-lying flatlands, typically subdivided into fields serving various agricultural purposes, that have been reclaimed from the sea by means of dykes and drainage canals. With their flat surfaces, low-slung body and horizontal emphasis, both Polder sofas evoke the characteristic features of the polder landscape.

    The large seat cushions of the Polder Sofa and Polder Compact form an extremely comfortable, asymmetrical seating surface that is flanked on both sides by the upholstered body. The shape of the body is what distinguishes the two sofas: a low armrest is integrated on one end of the Polder Sofa, while the other is bordered by an adjoining platform that also serves as a storage surface for magazines, books or trays. The Polder Sofa thus offers plenty of space to stretch out and relax, whether sitting or lying down.

    A striking detail is added by the buttons, which were conceived by Jongerius as a collage of colored plastic, aluminum and leather. They not only provide an attractive contrast to the soft woven fabrics, but also facilitate the easy removal of the upholstery covers for cleaning, thanks to a simple fastening device. Please note: cover material is recommended for residential use only. The designations, 'left' and 'right' refer to the perspective when viewing the sofa from the front.

    Dimensions: 102.25" length x 32.25" height x 38.25" depth.
    Seat height: 13.75".

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