Flos To-Tie Table Lamp Flos To-Tie Table Lamp

    Flos To-Tie Table Lamp

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    Flos Lighting

    Flos To-Tie Table Lamp

    Designer: Guglielmo Poletti, 2022
    Manufacturer: FLOS

    Introducing To-Tie, a sleek and versatile table lamp designed by Guglielmo Poletti. This contemporary piece provides soft, diffused illumination, perfect for creating ambiance in any space. Its clear glass cylindrical lamp body is available in multiple sizes, offering flexibility to suit various needs.

    The lamp's handle, crafted from aluminum, not only adds a touch of modern elegance but also serves as a secondary light emitter, enhancing its functionality. To ensure optimal light quality, To-Tie features a multi-led diffuser made of specially designed white polycarbonate, effectively eliminating the Multi Shadow effect and glare.

    Powered by a high-efficiency LED source with a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, To-Tie guarantees long-lasting performance and energy savings. Its electric cable, extending up to 180 cm, is encased in durable black fabric and comes equipped with a convenient dimmer switch, allowing for seamless adjustment of light intensity from 10% to 100%. For added convenience, To-Tie comes with a plug-in power supply featuring interchangeable plugs, ensuring compatibility in various regions. What sets To-Tie apart is its future-proof design—free from glue, its components can be easily disassembled, replaced individually, and recycled separately, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

    Available in three sizes and two finishes on the handle, elevate your lighting experience with To-Tie—a fusion of modern design, advanced technology, and environmental consciousness.

    Material: Glass, Aluminum
    Voltage: 24V
    UL listed
    Environment: Indoor, dry location

    Model T1
    Dimensions: 8.2" W x 7.4"H
    Light Source: 7W LED, Dimmer integrated

    Model T2
    Dimensions: 8.2" W x 13.3"H
    Weight: 5.51lb
    Light Source: 7W LED, Dimmer integrated

    Model T3
    Dimensions: 12.2" W x 8.6" H
    Weight: 5.95lbs.
    Light Source: 10W LED, Dimmer integrated

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