Tamanohada Fish Welcome Soap Scented Tamanohada Fish Welcome Soap Scented

    Tamanohada Fish Welcome Soap Scented

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    Tamanohada - Welcome Soap - Scented
    Tamanohada Soap Co, Japan

    Designer: Tamanohada
    Manufacturer: Tamanohada Soap Co
    Collection: Luxury Soaps / Body Soaps 

    If you are looking for something truly unique, this is just the ticket! Exclusive from Stardust, the ultimate 'soap-on-a-rope' with its unforgettable presence. This Welcome Fish Soap is produced by Tamanohada, a 120-year-old soap factory located in Tokyo. The shape of this soap is based on the Tai fish, or Red Sea Snapper, which in Japanese culture is associated with good fortune. Tai is part of Medetai, meaning great news or happy event, which makes this soap a great occasional gift or housewarming present. This over-sized lucky welcome soap is about 7 inch long by 4 inch wide and hangs on a rope. It has a wonderful scent of pomegranate, lily or brown sugar and is beautifully packaged in a very classy cardboard box with a wonderful Japanese graphic design ready to be given away. Obviously, this is not your everyday soap, but if you are looking for a really classy housewarming gift for someone well-traveled and discerning, this might be just the thing! The Welcome Soap can be given as a gift for various occasions, not only as a normal gift, but also as a wedding gift, a coming of age gift, a thank you gift or a gift for your lovely new neighbors.

    The Tamanohada Soap Series was born during the pursuit of making the perfect soap. The Japanese soap manufacturer founded in 1892, asked themselves, "what would make the user feel relaxed, calm, and happy during the lather process?" There are 3 fragrances in total each made with the highest quality natural refined oils made specially by the Tamanohada Soap Co. The Welcome Soap produces a frothy lather that's easy on the most sensitive skin.

    Pomegranate - Red
    Lilly - White
    Black Sugar - Black

    Dimensions: 7" x 4"
    Weight: 10.9 oz / 310 gram
    Rope: natural linen
    Ingredients: natural oils, fragrance
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: bathroom, shower
    Product Category: soaps, body soaps
    Style: modern, contemporary
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