Serratus Pepper Mill by Tantalus Design Serratus Pepper Mill by Tantalus Design

    Serratus Pepper Mill by Tantalus Design

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    Serratus Pepper Mill

    Serratus Wooden Pepper Mill by Tantalus Design
    The price is for one pepper mill

    Designer: Shawn and James Kay
    Manufacturer: Tantalus Design

    The Serratus Pepper Mill by Tantalus Design is a masterpiece of form and function, redefining the classic pepper mill with its sleek and beautiful design. At first glance, the mill appears to be a single continuous piece of wood, delicately crafted and almost impossibly thin. Its design is not just about aesthetics; it's a playful reimagination of the familiar household item, created to evoke curiosity and surprise in the user.
    Despite its delicate appearance, the mill is incredibly sturdy, thanks to a solid stainless steel shaft hidden behind wood that's less than a millimeter thick at the isthmus. This construction ensures that the mill is not fragile and doesn't require cautious handling. The top of the mill can be twisted to produce fresh pepper effortlessly.
    Adding to its functionality, the Serratus Pepper Mill features a stainless steel funnel at the bottom, making it easy to refill the pepper. This design element not only provides convenience but also contributes to the mill's balanced weight. The mill is equipped with a durable Danish ceramic grinding mechanism that allows it to be used with various types of pepper, including wet salts, without compromising its longevity.
    What sets this pepper mill apart is the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its production. Each mill is meticulously crafted over several days, with every step of the production process developed from scratch specifically for this product. The base and the top knob, initially crafted as a single solid block of wood, are carefully honed and re-assembled to create the curvaceous, grain-matched body of the mill. The attention to detail, tight tolerances, and expert craftsmanship ensure the high quality and aesthetic appeal of every Serratus Pepper Mill.
    Recognized for its outstanding design, the Serratus Pepper Mill received the prestigious 2021 New York Product Design Award. Not only is it fully functional, but it also serves as a highly decorative item on any tabletop. It's a must-have grinder for cooking enthusiasts and design aficionados alike. Each mill comes packaged in an elegant gift box, making it a perfect present for anyone who appreciates the marriage of artistry and functionality in kitchen tools.

    About Tantalus Design Tantalus Design was founded in 2012 by brothers Shawn and James Kay. Our process is driven by experimentation, attention to detail, and a love of the materials we work with. Shawn Kay is an industrial designer and lifelong carpenter who holds a degree in Environmental Design from the UBC School of Architecture. James Kay’s background is in materials science and industrial fabrication. He holds a BASc in Integrated Engineering and a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Tantalus Design strongly values environmental responsibility. We are committed to using only ethically-sourced woods in our product line. All Tantalus products are designed and manufactured in-house at our studio workshop in North Vancouver, Canada.

    Available in 16 variations of wood species
    Dimensions: 10” (255mm) tall, 2⅝” (67mm) diameter
    Capacity: 2 oz
    Weight: 1.2 lbs
    Use: home
    Product Category: Pepper Grinders

    Please note - every pepper mill will be unique due to natural variation in each piece of wood

    In Stock.
    Usually ships in 4-5 business days for Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, and Madrone. Other wood species may have a 2-8 weeks lead time.