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Discover Moooi's Prop Light Lamps for ceiling, floor, table, and wall

Shop Stardust’s collection of Moooi Prop Lighting & Prop Lamps designed by the Dutch contemporary lighting artist Marcel Wanders & Bertjan Pot (toffe gasten). Enjoy free shipping on online moooi prop décor lighting items for ceiling, wall and floor. Bertjan Pot is possibly the most important lighting designer in the history of Dutch design. His famous Dutch quote "...en laat het licht nu maar schijnen hé jongens" is rightfully expressed in this new line of contemporary modern lights for ceiling, wall- and floor. Providing not only a beautiful form of illumination; they are also outfitted with groundbreaking new LED lights that provide more sparkle than your most selective Ibiza nightclub; yes, even that one.

Sven Van Antwerpen; a Stardust veteran, provides his own take on Moooi's Prop Lights:
"...I love the way they glow; right from the start at the opening show at Stardust, I knew I was looking at something that would change the way we look at lighting... an almost climactic experience... especially when dimmed... Prop Lights are a coming-of-age product for the Dutch lighting manufacturer; the lights capture the essence of their best design so far and shows their luminary approach to lamp design. Bertjan has clearly chosen to break away from the socially accepted restraints that he felt were always bestowed on "lamps". With Prop Light, Bertjan has created a new masterpiece and has solidified his place in modern design history..."

prop light moooi
Prop Light Round Single: Bottoms Up: Bulbs on Bottom Only

Bertjan Pot was born 1975 in Nieuwleusen, the Netherlands (a small town in the east of the country) and grew up reading Jip en Janneke but also Suske en Wiske (like us). Between designing the beloved "How to make a chair out of a giant paperclip" awarded at "alles mag maar niks moet" Studio Bertjan Pot has released over 100 lamps and furnishings under the designer's name. Prop Verlichting featuring a multitude of stylish LED lights is his latest creation.

prop light moooi detail of led bulbs price
Prop Light Floor Lamp: Detail of LED Bulbs

"We have round lights, we have straight lights. We have them with lights on one side, we have them with lights on two sides..." - Bertjan Pot

moooi prop light collection
Moooi Prop Light Collection: Long, Wall, Suspension and Floor Lamps.

Prop Light Round - Prop Light by Bertjan Pot represents the perfect lighting solution for literally any kind of interior. Whether you prop it up against a wall, hang it from a ceiling or place it on a floor, its bubbly form and pure spirit brighten up any kind of environment with a fresh, timeless elegance. Enjoy ethereal spheres of light in your home, at the office or in a public space.

prop light installation in dark room
Prop Lights light up any room at night.