Pierre Paulin Pierre Paulin Designer

Pierre Paulin (b. 1964), France.

Pierre Paulin Design:

Parisian-born Pierre Paulin (1927-2009 is widely considered one of France's most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers. Pierre Paulin's works are presented at Stardust. Pierre Paulin was one of the most influential figures in the development of design in post-war France during from the late 1950s through the 1970s. His work is characterized by his special sense of colors and shapes. With a remarkable faith in the unlimited possibilities of sculptural furniture, Paulin worked successfully to create a brilliant collection of chaises, chairs and home accessories that appear like sculptures. Even if Pierre Paulin's creative output were reduced to his eponymous Tulip Chair, he would still be considered a master of modern design. Born in Paris in 1927, Pierre Paulin was trained as a sculptor (he worked in Vallaurius and Burgundy) but injured his right arm ending his dreams as a sculptor. At an international furniture show organised by Kho Liang le, Pierre Paulin made a considerable impression with a contemporary shell fauteuil. Shortly after the show, he became a freelance designer for Artifort. This marked the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. What makes his designs so distinctive is their striking sculptural shape, which earned Paulin many prizes worldwide. His work remains timeless and progressive even today. This is not form for form's sake but applied design. With comfort as the constant starting-point.

Pierre Paulin Chair:

Pierre Paulin was well known for designing the most beautiful modern chairs you have ever seen. He became most famous for his innovative designs during the 1960s when he worked for Artifort. His chair designs are appreciated for their clear lines, the sensual feel of their material or just simply for the way their shapes cradle the body. Paulin's most recognized chair designs were the Little Tulip (1965), Ribbon Chair (1966), Tongue chair (1967) and ABCD Sofa (1968). Pierre Paulin worked with metallic frames and foam padding which he upholstered with stretch fabric such as Jack Lenor Larsens's "Momentum Blue Flame". His designs became widely popular and influenced different designers including another contemporary; Olivier Mourgue. Pierre Paulin influenced Olivier Mourgue's Djinn chairs that were featured in Stanley Kubrick's classic film "2001: A Space Odyssey".