Paul Anker Hansen Paul Anker Hansen Designer

Paul Anker Hansen, Denmark.

Paul Anker Hansen Danish Designer

Paul Anker Hansen (Paul Anker) is a Danish designer and part of the Scandinavian Design movement. He became became famous for his mid-century modern themed wooden Owl figurine, a staple of Danish modernism. Paul Anker Hansen grew up on the idyllic island of Bornholm Denmark on a farm next to a big plantation. He and his three brothers spent their childhood playing in the woods, getting to know all the birds, owls and squirrels that lived there. This would provide the inspiration for his classic Owl. One Sunday morning in 1960 he woke up bright and early with a clear image of the Owl in his head. The night before he had entertained guests and he got to bed late with a lot of coffee in his blood. That morning, he had finally solved the puzzle of the owl, that had been on his mind for years. The Owl was put into production until the workshop went out of business in 1977. After this, Paul Anker Hansen made the owls by hand as gifts to friends and family. His children and friends encouraged him to find a new producer so the owl wouldn't be forgotten. Architectmade finally picked up the production again and continues to make these Paul Anker Hansen wooden toys in Denmark. The Owl's head balances on a small magnet which allows you to position the head at a slight tilt to give the Owl a look of inquisitiveness. The magnet feature also allows you to spin the head 360 degrees, which is a typical characteristic of a real owl.

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