Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 1 Pyramid Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 1 Pyramid

    Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 1 Pyramid

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    Verner Panton Mirror Sculpture 1 Pyramid by Verpan

    Designer: Verner Panton
    Manufacturer: Verpan

    Simply stylish! We love these fantastic sculptural wall mirrors which add a decorative element to any interior. We have reached deep into Verner Panton's treasure chest of design icons to select three sculptural wall mirrors that are as fresh now as when Verner Panton designed them in 1965. This Mirror Sculpture features 1 pyramid and, if needed, it can be combined with our other Panton Mirror Sculptures to create a beautiful large mirror wall.

    Verner Panton is rightfully known as a Danish design maverick who transformed Scandinavian design with new materials, graphical designs and bold colors and these exceptional Panton Mirror Sculptures certainly show why Panton has won that reputation. The combination of function and design is pure Panton – and pure genius. The Mirror Sculptures were created by Verner Panton for his own home and were originally produced in a very limited edition run in the 1960s. The few available examples of this playful pyramidal artwork fetch handsome prices in exclusive auctions. The Mirror Sculptures are finally available again in mirrored acrylic and lets contemporary owners join in the creative process by arranging the mirror sculptures pieces in any combination. Available with one, four or nine pyramids.

    Wall decoration with one pyramid in chrome plated acrylic (PMMA). Also available with four or nine pyramids. Stardust Modern Design is an Authorized Dealer for the Verpan Collection. All Verner Panton products offered through Stardust Modern Design are licensed and manufactured by Verpan.

    Dimensions: 18.9"W x 18.9"H
    Depth: 5.7"
    Material: mirror-like chrome plated acrylic (PMMA)
    Installation: wall mounted
    Category: Home & Garden > Decor > Mirrors
    Style: modern, contemporary, space age, decorative
    Product Code: mirrorsculptureone

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