Dune Chair Contemporary Patio Chair by Concrete Outdoor Furniture Dune Chair Contemporary Patio Chair by Concrete Outdoor Furniture

    Dune Chair Contemporary Patio Chair by Concrete Outdoor Furniture

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    DUNE Outdoor Chair
    Contemporary Patio & Garden Chair by Concrete Outdoor Furniture

    Design your modern garden with Dune; a series of minimalist and contemporary outdoor patio chairs in sleek grey/black concrete. With modern lines in light-weight concrete, this outdoor furniture collection combines the looks of midcentury-inspired modern lounge chairs with touches of contemporary architectural home designs that bring to mind the buildings by Zaha Hadid.

    Discover the fully modular outdoor precast concrete furniture line (benches/seating/tables) for your residential- and commercial outdoor project. Like the clean look of sleek contemporary concrete chairs but not its weight? You will love these unique line of outdoor furniture: similar to cast concrete/stone yet durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. Combine colors for a stylish look or stay with one color for a more neutral design that blends in with its surroundings. The DUNE collection of modern outdoor furniture was designed by Vienna based designer Rainer Mutsch.   With its architectural qualities, DUNE blurs the boundaries between indoor- and outdoor living spaces with its clean modern lines. This beautiful collection of outdoor furniture was inspired by the interplay of free-flowing soft curves & shadows of sand dunes in the Sahara desert.  These outdoor chairs seem to have been formed by winds that sculpt their spectacular shapes.  Each DUNE chair is handmade by master artisans in Switzerland where it goes to a lengthy production process that can take several days.  This beautiful line of modern furniture for the outdoors looks exceptionally easy on the eyes and provides a comfortable place to unwind.  DUNE is perfect for use as an outdoor garden chair, pool chair, patio chair and looks absolutely stunning when grouped together. 

    The modern outdoor furniture collection from the DUNE series consists out of 4 pieces which can be freely arranged and re-arranged according to your needs. Create your own configuration by choosing a left chair, center chair, right chair or table. You can create a very long outdoor lounge seating area by using multiple center chairs in between a left- and right chair. DUNE is available in two concrete color finishes: select either Titan Grey or Anthracite Charcoal. The chairs have a painted finish and have a slight shine. Depending on the light angle and the type of illumination (indoor or outdoor), the pieces will show more or less reflection. We have samples of both finishes so please feel free to request a complimentary finish sample.

    Dune visualizes the present material-technical maximum parametres of the fibercement material.The result is a highly stable structure with a load-carrying capacity way over the demanded requirement profile for public spaces. The rainwater flows through a hole in the seating surface to the inside of the loop where it is led directly out of the furniture through the curved bottom surface to dry the furniture as fast as possible. Many prototypes and a lot of research were necessary in order to get the maximum stability out of three-dimensional shaped fiber cement; eventually, the geometry of the chair supports its stability through its controlled expansion and compression of the material which results in a load-capacity of around 1980 lbs on the seating surface! Unless you have elephants in your backyard; that is plenty strong.

    The price is for one (1) DUNE Chair.
    DUNE table is optional (+$1,680.00).
    Untreated concrete is standard; custom coating (shiny) upon request.

    Dimensions of Chair: 38"D x 37"W x 24"H
    Dimensions of Table: 38"D x 35"W x 14"H
    Material: fiber reinforced cement

    Weight Chair: 105 lbs
    Weight Table: 97 lbs
    Product Category: outdoor furniture, outdoor seating, outdoor chairs
    Style: modern, contemporary, design
    Product code: DUNE

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