Naef Bauhaus Wooden Chess Set Pieces: 32-Piece Naef Bauhaus Wooden Chess Set Pieces: 32-Piece

    Naef Bauhaus Wooden Chess Set Pieces: 32-Piece

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    Naef Bauhaus 32-Piece Chess Pieces

    Naef Bauhaus 32-Piece Chess Pieces
    Josef Hartwig - 1923 - Switzerland

    Designer: Josef Hartwig
    Manufacturer: Naef

    Naef Bauhaus 32-Piece Chess Pieces with Optional Chess Board. Josef Hartwig's Bauhaus Design Masterpiece is as much about mathematics as it is about chess. This game of chess with clean lines is classically characteristic of the timeless Bauhaus style. Naef's chessmen, designed in 1923, have characteristically reduced forms which, in contrast to commonly used figures, are symbols based purely on the function and form of the maneuver of each piece. Cubes, cylinders and spheres lead you move by move to checkmate. Made in Switzerland, this striking set is reproduced with the highest precision and quality according to the original Bauhaus designs. Chess is chess, but if you love the modern symbiosis between form & function you'll love this classic wooden chess set. Price is for chessmen only. Chess board is sold separately. This high-quality chess gift set is a great gift idea for friends, family or as a business gift idea.

    The Bauhaus school of design was known for its minimalist designs, and the Josef Hartwig Bauhaus Chess Pieces are no exception. Brought to life by Naef after it was first deesigned by Josef Hartwig in 1923, these simple, artistic chess pieces are literal symbols of the moves that can be performed with each, a perfect example of the Bauhaus form follows function aesthetic.

    Collection: Naef
    Naef Product Code: 9650
    Dimensions: 17.5 x 3 x 2 inches
    Material: wood
    Presentation: 32 chess pieces in a wooden slide box
    Use: indoor, home, office
    Country of Origin: Switzerland
    Product Category: Chess Sets
    Style: German design, modern, contemporary
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