Ingo Maurer My New Flame Table Lamp by Moritz Waldemeyer Ingo Maurer My New Flame Table Lamp by Moritz Waldemeyer

    Ingo Maurer My New Flame Table Lamp by Moritz Waldemeyer

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    Ingo Maurer Lamp - Lighting by Ingo Maurer

    Ingo Maurer My New Flame Table Lamp
    LED Candle Light with Flickering Candlelight

    Designer: Moritz Waldemeyer
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer
    Collection: Ingo Maurer Table Lamps 

    Ingo Maurer My New Flame Light by Moritz Waldemeyer. As featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, My New Flame from Ingo Maurer. Candlelight dinners will never be the same again! My New Flame by Ingo Maurer is a clever new take on the classic candlelight but much more fascinating to behold. The truly amazing My New Flame light is destined to become a classic! This brilliant table light with its flickering light creates a magnificent spectacle of light. My New Flame is a distinctive 'candle light' for the table or bedside that never burns down. The stunning combination of high-tech circuitry and poetic expression by the British/German designer and engineer, Moritz Waldemeyer. My New Flame takes your standard flameless candle and turns it into a spectacle of light that brightens up any space.

    At the upper end of a sleek black or red circuit board, a candle flame seems to flicker in the wind. Up close, viewers perceive a double-sided rectangular display made of 128 tiny LEDs per side for a total of 256 LEDs on both sides, which renders the image of a burning flame. Sophisticated programming of the LEDs and their warm color temperature make the flame look astonishingly realistic. There are lots of ways to use My New Flame: on elaborately set dining tables, in living rooms, outdoors, and as night light on the bedside table for all those who prefer not to fall asleep in the dark.

    Ingo Maurer's inventive My New Flame consists of a circuit board, metal, plastic, double-side display - each with 128 dimmable LEDs, 5 volts. Based on video material, the LED's render flickering candle flame light in a realistic and captivating way. My New Flame has an a mini USB jack with 60" cord which can be plugged into a computer or standard wall charging unit, eg: iPhone. The USB version can be used with or without cable, just like a rechargeable mobile device. Powered by 4 standard AA batteries max 1.5 volts (batteries not included - rechargeable batteries recommended). It has an on/off switch in the base plate. Available from Stardust with Free Shipping and a Low Price Guarantee.

    My New Flame LED candle by Moritz Waldemeyer for Ingo Maurer from Ingo Maurer

    Collection: Ingo Maurer
    Ingo Maurer Product Code: mynewflame
    Light Source: LED
    LED(s) included: 256 warm LED lights 5V
    Dimensions: 15.75"H x 3.54"W (40cm x 9cm)
    Material: LED lights, electronic circuitry, metal, plastic
    Certification: CE listed
    Use: indoor, living room, office, bedroom
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Product Category: lighting, table lamps, candlelights
    Style: modern, contemporary
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