Ingo Maurer Monument for a Bulb Table Lamp by I Ricchi Poveri Ingo Maurer Monument for a Bulb Table Lamp by I Ricchi Poveri

    Ingo Maurer Monument for a Bulb Table Lamp by I Ricchi Poveri

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    Ingo Maurer Lamp - Lighting by Ingo Maurer

    Ingo Maurer I Ricchi Poveri Table Lamp - Monument for a Bulb
    Low-Voltage Table Light with Eight Figures in Nickel Silver, Steel and Brass

    Designer: Ingo Maurer
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer
    Collection: Ingo Maurer Table Lamps 

    Monument for a Bulb, part of the one-man modern art series featuring Edison-style light bulbs titled I Ricchi Poveri by Ingo Maurer. As featured in the Abitare and Domus, Ingo Maurer's stunning Monument for a Bulb pays tribute to Thomas Edison's carbon filament light bulbs invented in 1879. Ingo Maurer's life long love affair with the magic of light bulbs is expressed in every aspect of his life. Today, on what is his 83rd birthday the German lighting designer has created I Ricchi Poveri; an unmistakably artistic, dramatic and graceful table-top lamp/sculpture that has timeless quality and is meant to stoke open conversation about the historical significance of Edison's filament bulb. Monument for a Bulb (I Ricchi Poveri): The Story of a Maurer Masterpiece.

    The Munich-based designer is a true renaissance man, with a body of work that has re-kindled a love for lighting & art among musea, art collectors and design aficionados. Maurer, known for ground breaking lamp designs such as the space-age "Bulb" (1966), free-floating "Birdie's Nest" (2004) and candle-in-the-wind inspired "MY NEW FLAME" (2012) transforms a low-voltage halogen bulb into a table sculpture with eight small human figures of all walks of life, rich and poor, positioned in a museum-like setting. I Ricchi Poveri "Monument for a Table Lamp" chronicles Maurer's artistic influences from the 1960s through today and reveals the self-taught lighting artistic process; his unique approach to art, design, technology, and his passionate and deeply rewarding appreciation for light. Maurer's work is included in many museum collections, among them the MoMA, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute.

    Monument for a Bulb by Ingo Maurer is a clever new take on the classic Edison-bulb but much more fascinating to behold. This brilliant table light with artistic approach and eight figures cast in nickel silver, steel and brass creates a magnificent conversation piece. At the upper end of a sleek lacquered wood display; a 35 W low-voltage halogen bulb is raised as a museum-sculpture with a brass pedestal. Up close, 8 museum visitors perceive a giant awe-inspiring light bulb, which renders the image of a the light bulb as a masterpiece. A sophisticated electronic transformer allows the light to be dimmed to a soft glow. The bulb's warm color 600lm color temperature fills your room with a warm and ambient glow. There are lots of ways to use Monument for a Bulb: on an elaborately set dining table, on cabinets, in living rooms and as night light on the bedside table for all those who prefer a little magic in the bedroom. The intriguing Maurer table light is destined to become a classic!

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    Collection: Ingo Maurer
    Ingo Maurer Product Code: monumentforabulb
    Light Source: low-voltage halogen
    Bulb(s) included: 1 x 35 W
    Bulb Specifications: 600 lm, 2000 h, EEC C, socket E 27
    Dimensions: 3.94"H x 9.84"W (10cm x 25cm)
    Material: Halogen bulb, brass, metal, dimmer, wood
    Certification: CE listed
    Use: indoor, living room, office, bedroom
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Product Category: lighting, table lamps, candlelights
    Style: modern, contemporary
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