Nanimarquina Melange Zoom Rug in Cream Black Nanimarquina Melange Zoom Rug in Cream Black

    Nanimarquina Melange Zoom Rug in Cream Black

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    melange zoom modern afghan rug by nanimarquina

    Nani Marquina Melange Rug - Zoom Rugs in Light Cream & Black
    100% Hand spun Afghan wool - Technique Hand woven - Type Kilim
    Stardust includes a complimentary antislide pad with your purchase

    Designer: Sybilla Sorondo Myelzwinska
    Manufacturer: Nanimarquina
    Collection: Melange Rugs by Sybilla 

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    Nanimarquina Melange Zoom Rug in a perfect Light Cream and Black which is more stylish compared to the more common black/white rugs. The subtle design and attractive natural color tones of these Kilim rugs are perfect for decorative purposes, warmth and understated style. Cream and Black Nanimarquina Zoom Rug by Sybilla Sorondo Myelzwinska, a large modern abstract - hand woven area rug crafted entirely by hand from Afghan Wool. --- This rug is part of the Melange collection which was designed by the Mallorca-based fashion designer Sybilla. Zoom, like its name suggests, incorporates a harmonious combination of high-quality Kilim rug making techniques with seamless contemporary designs. It is easy to see the common thread between the designers' Melange rugs for Nanimarquina and her fashionable dresses, coats, and capes that wrap around a woman's figure with ease, like wearable sculptures. Melange Zoom rugs in shades of ivory beige, burgundy, green or black provide the foundation for a ultra-refined room. Reminiscent of simple yet timeless Middle Easter and Oriental patterns, its delightful surface made from hand woven Afghan wool gives it an appealing attraction. In cream and black with a simple burgundy edge, it induces evocative sensations, the desire to be touched. Zoom is undoubtedly for environments seeking serenity, delicious moments of gentle warmth, living rooms not only in which to live, but also to enjoy living.

    Zoom is part of the Melange collection of Afghan-wool are rugs designed by fashion designer Sybilla for Nanimarquina in Spain. This rug is available in 3 stocked sizes but, by special request, can also be made in special sizes respecting the original proportions. M̩lange is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, fashion and home, craft and design, past and future. The collection composed by 20 models symbolizes a blending of marked contradictions that work together, acting as complements. Thanks to the simplification of classic motifs such as geometric patterns and a pared colour palette, the M̩lange is a contemporary version of the Kilim. An exercise in aesthetic rationalization that upholds the ancestral handcrafted techniques of Pakistan. Combining coordinated poufs add a touch on the atmosphere that refers directly to the oriental culture in which everything is done almost at ground level. A giant patchwork effect is achieved by overlaying the M̩lange rugs, perfect for decorative purposes and warmth.

    Almost all Nanimarquina rugs are made from natural materials such as wool or jute, which makes them 100% biodegradable. Each rug is designed in Barcelona, Spain and hand-made in India, Nepal or Pakistan. Nani Marquina produces her rugs with the "Care & Fair label", an organization that since 1995 acts against child labor. All carpets made in India also bear the label of KALEEN, issued by the council of India to guarantee again that no child labor was employed.

    Collection: Nanimarquina (Nani Marquina)
    Nanimarquina Product Code: melangezoomrug
    Fibers: 100% hand spun Afghan wool
    Technique: hand woven
    Type: Kilim
    Densitiy: 156,000 knots per square meter
    Total height: 4 mm
    Weight: 1,40 kg per square meter
    Use: indoor, living room, office, bedroom
    Country of Design: Spain
    Product Category: rugs, floor
    Style: kilim, afghan
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