Max Bill Variation 12 Art Poster Max Bill Variation 12 Art Poster

    Max Bill Variation 12 Art Poster

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    Max Bill Variation 12 Poster
    Designed by Max Bill 1938

    Designer: Max Bill
    Publisher: Max Bill Foundation

    Max Bill Variation 12 Poster designed by Swiss graphic artist, industrial designer, architect, sculptor... Timeless, classic and highly decorative, this beautiful Max Bill artwork was designed by Swiss designer Max Bill in 1938. The work titled 'Variation 12' is one of a series of 15 variations, with different expressive qualities deriving from the combination of colors used in each. The series was made by Max Bill between 1935 and 1938.

    Variation 12 was made in 1938 and is one of the most beautiful works in the series. The fierce simplicity and geometry of this poster has roots in the development of the "Concrete Art" movement of the 1930s. Max Bill embraced this movement and created works of art with a visual language of absolute clarity. This beautiful Max Bill print was published under authority of the Max Bill Foundation and ships rolled in a strong tube. Certified by the Max Bill Foundation, these Max Bill posters faithfully reproduce the original lithograph colors. This is an exemplary work by the artist and it will be a stunning addition to any space. This Max Bill poster is printed on high-quality printable Fine Paper "Vent Nouveau F-FS". Please note that the white-ash frame is not included and is for display purposes only.

    Max Bill is seen internationally as one of the most prominent representatives of concrete art, and as one of its outstanding theorists. In numerous texts, he laid the foundation for our contemporary understanding of concrete art, refined the terminology, and discussed the relevance of this art of pure visual means.

    Collection: Max Bill Foundation
    Product Code: variation 12
    Dimensions: 20" w x 20" h
    Paper: vent-nouveau
    Publisher Country of Origin: Japan
    Product Category: art, posters
    Style: concrete art
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