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Mariano Fortuny (b. 1871), Spain.

Mariano Fortuny Biography:

Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo was one of the great creative minds of the early 20th century. He was celebrated by his contemporaries as the last Renaissance man. Mariano Fortuny, son of the painter Mariano Fortuny y Marsal, was a Spanish fashion designer who opened his couture house in 1906 and continued until 1946. He was born in Granada Spain. Both his father and his mother were known painters and collectors of ancient oriental fabrics. His father died when he was three years old and his mother mooved to Paris where he was educated and started painting. In 1897 he met Henriette Negrin whom he married later. In 1889 they moved to Venice.

Mariano Fortuny Design:

Mariano Fortuny y De Mandrazo (1871-1949) was a man who dedicated his life to Art, and became renowned worldwide for his Art Nouveau textiles that have adorned the world's finest museums, churches, palaces and houses since 1906. Though trained as a painter, Fortuny was an accomplished and innovative designer, architect, inventor, couturier, and lighting technician. Born in the ancient Spanish city of Granada to an artistic family (both of his parents were highly-regarded painters), Fortuny was raised first in Paris then Venice, where he spent most of his life. Fortuny is now most remembered for his dress designs, which were fabricated from an innovative pleated silk, produced by machines designed and patented by Fortuny, and is the forerunner to Issey Miyake's efforts. One of his most recognized designs is the Pallucco Fortuny Floor Lamp which he designed in 1903, a century-old design with timeless character. The Fortuny Lamp is considered a contemporary yet timeless icon even though it took its cue from experiments carried out in 1907 on a new indirect lighting system for the stage. A camera tripod inspired the base with its adjustable central leg; for the shade Fortuny decided to turn the typical shade of that time upside down and also make it tilt. Stardust is offering the original Fortuny floor light made by Pallucco in Italy in the original Nera (black) version and in the Moda (in Titanium and Beige), Ornaments Nero (in white on black printed cotton), Ornaments Titanio (in white on beige) and Blanca (in white cotton) versions. The lamp is white inside for these versions. Rubelli (gold linen and silk plissè) and Giudecca 805 with the original fabrics by the company Fortuny.

Mariano Fortuny Interior & Stage Designer:

His life was dedicated to Art as he was not only an accomplished dress and fabric designer, but he also excelled in various disciplines such as interior and stage design, painting, photography, architecture, lighting. In the early 1900's Fortuny invented methods of textile dyeing and of printing fabrics, reproducing the depth, color and beauty of ancient brocades, velvets and tapestries. In 1919 he he moved his textile workshop to a former convent on the island of Giudecca. He died in his Venetian Palace 1949 and was burried in the Verano Cimetery in Rome.

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