Man Ray Original Chess Board Set with 32 Chess Pieces Man Ray Original Chess Board Set with 32 Chess Pieces

    Man Ray Original Chess Board Set with 32 Chess Pieces

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    Man Ray Chess Set
    Complete Chess Set with Chess Pieces and Board

    Designer: Man Ray
    Manufacturer: Man Ray Trust

    Man Ray Chess Set, designed by Man Ray in 1920, this is a new re-edition from the Man Ray Trust. A striking example of 20th century chess design, by one of the great innovators of the modern age. Designed between 1920 and 1924, this set broke new ground in design possibilities, culminated in a famous exhibition in New York, 1944-45. A lifelong friendship with fellow chess enthusiast Marcel Duchamp inspired Man Ray to create his unique chess set in 1920. In his set, Man Ray offers a personal interpretation of each character on the chess board: an Egyptian pyramid for the King, a medieval headdress for the Queen, a flask for the Bishop and the carved scroll of a violin for the Knight. Made of solid Beech wood, each character is rendered in sculptural, geometric forms.

    Made of solid Beech wood, the Chessboard is the ideal playing field for Many Ray’s geometric, sculptural pieces. Made in Germany under the license of the Man Ray Trust. The Man Ray Trust was established by Juliet Man Ray, wife to Man Ray to foster worldwide recognition of the 20th Century artist Man Ray: avant garde painter, photographer, sculptor / object maker, illustrator, film maker, inventor, philospher, Dadaist and Surrealist. In addition to holding and extensive collection of Man Ray's original artwork, the Man Ray Trust owns the copyrights, reproduction rights, intellectual and moral rights for virtually all of Man Ray's creations from 1910 to 1976. This design was inspired by Man Ray's lifelong friendship with avid chess player and fellow artist Marcel Duchamp. In this re-edition of the 1920s Wooden Chess Set, a metal version of which is in the MoMA collection, Man Ray translates traditional chess pieces in geometric forms. Chess set and board sold separately.

    Collection: Man Ray Trust
    Product Code: 10040
    Material: beech wood
    Dimensions Chess Board: 15.75"L x 15.75"W
    Dimensions Chess Pieces: 1.4"H to 3.25"H
    Weight: 5 lbs.

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