Nanimarquina Luna Round Area Rug Nanimarquina Luna Round Area Rug

    Nanimarquina Luna Round Area Rug

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    Nanimarquina Luna Round Area Rug

    Designer: Oscar Tusquets Blanca
    Manufacturer: Nanimarquina

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    Nanimarquina Luna Round Area Rug. The Luna rug was designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca for Nanimarquina in Spain. This dreamy piece is a re-edition from the 80s that comes from Oscar Tusquets' La Tierra and La Luna rugs. Advances in photographic techniques have allowed this exact reproduction of an image of a moon in its waxing phase to be given even greater definition. The colors of the original work have also been revised, making them warmer, in browns and beiges. The '80s version of La Luna was smaller, so this bigger version allows it to be placed in passage ways, hallways or at the foot of a bed. Now you can ask for the moon and put it at the foot of the bed without wanting the impossible, and walk on the moon without it being a giant leap.

    Truly exquisite designs, brilliant coloring and crisp detailing adorn the magnificent collection from Nani Marquina, designed in Barcelona, Spain. These wonderful artistic rugs will revitalize your room in an instant and will bring sophisticated elegance to any environment. Put them on your floor or display them as art on your wall.

    Almost all Nanimarquina rugs are made from natural materials such as wool or jute, which makes them 100% biodegradable. Each rug is designed in Barcelona, Spain and hand-made in India, Nepal or Pakistan. Nani Marquina produces her rugs with the "Care & Fair label", an organization that since 1995 acts against child labor. All carpets made in India also bear the label of KALEEN, issued by the council of India to guarantee again that no child labor was employed.

  • Size: 4'11" DIA
  • Fiber: New Zealand wool
  • Colors: browns and beiges
  • Technique: hand knotted
  • Density: 132.000 knots per square meter
  • Pile Height: 0.39"
  • Total Height: 0.47"
  • Weight: 11 lbs per square meter

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