Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp

    Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp

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    Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp

    Designer: Alberto Meda
    Designer: Paolo Rizzatto
    Manufacturer: Luceplan

    Luceplan Titania Pendant Lamp. The Titania Lamp is made by Luceplan in Italy. Add a modern, contemporary touch to your space with the beautiful Titania lamp by Luceplan, one of the best-selling Luceplan lamps. The distinctive silhouette of the Titania makes it a popular choice with interior designers and architects. These pendant lights are well made, spectacularly designed and can be easily configured according to your color preferences. Titania is composed of numerous blades in which interchangeable color filters can be placed.

    The Titania pendant lamp was designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan in Italy. The elliptical structure of its outer casing, composed of blades, serves simultaneously as a non-glare screen, a reflector of the central light source and a heat diffuser. Five pairs of polycarbonate interchangeable filters determine the varying colors of its lamellar body. In fact Titania can be colored as desired, by a simple movement of the hand to slot the different filters in and out and to give the lamp a ҤematerializedӠcolor - while always maintaining an emission of white light! A touch of the fingers is enough to send it into a variety of suspended positions and, depending on which angle it is seen from, it assumes completely different appearances: transparent if seen from the front, and as a solid body if seen from the side. The spherical counterweight, allowing its up-down adjustment, can be inserted or removed at any time. Titania is a dynamic and surprising lamp, suitable for a wide variety of settings. Thanks to its very light aluminum body, it can be hung from plaster, wood or sloping ceilings. The versatility of its components enables it to be attached to any part of the ceiling with no need for an already installed mains plug.

    Compasso d'Oro-ADI Award
    Concours de la Lampe d'Or SIL / Paris Award
    Design Plus Award

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    Collection: Luceplan lighting
    Product: 1D1700000520
    Material: aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS
    Color Filters: yellow, violet, red, green and blue (included)
    Dimensions: 10"H X 27"W X 3"D
    Cable Lenght: up and down max 10'
    Weight: 4.89 lbs.
    Light Source: 1 x 250W T-10 halogen frosted medium base
    Certification: UL and cUL listed
    Use: indoor
    Shape: elliptical
    Finish: natural aluminum
    Product Category: lighting, lamps, pendant lamps
    Style: ultra modern, contemporary

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