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Jurgen Bey (b. 1965), Netherlands.

Jurgen Bey Designer:

Jurgen Bey is a contemporary Dutch designer, his works are presented at Stardust. Born in Soest, the Netherlands in 1965, Jurgen Bey is one of the most renowned Dutch designers. He studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and has since run studios independently or in collaboration with others, while teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven in previous years, and currently, at the Royal College of Art in London. Bey's work includes product, furniture, interior and public space design, and is produced by his studio, or by companies such as Droog, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, and Moooi. Bey is known as a critical designer, driven to understand the world and to question it in a unique manner. He has been awarded the 2005 Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Award, the 2005 Harrie Tillie Award from Stedelijk Museum, Roermond and the Interior Award 2003 from Lensvelt/de Architect, for his meeting room for the Interpolis company. In 2002 Bey formed Studio Makkink & Bey with Rianne Makkink. Working together and supported by a design team, they analyze content and search for the relation of things and their users. In their words, “town planning, architecture and landscape architecture are indissolubly connected to products and can be in symbiosis; the lamp has influenced architecture and the built home the products for the interior.”

Jurgen Bey Droog Design:

Droog's collaboration with Dutch designer Jurgen Bey started in the early nineties and resulted in the design of, amongst others, Kokon furniture, Tree-trunk bench and St. Petersburg chair for the Droog collection.

Jurgen Bey Moooi Light Shade Shade lamps:

Moooi's collaboration with Dutch designer Jurgen Bey resulted in the design of the Light Shade Shade lamps for the Moooi lighting collection. Jurgen Bey was asked to shift the focus of the Dutch furniture brand Moooi, to explore the frontiers of modern design lighting. The Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp and Chandeliers by Jurgen Bey are part of the stunning Light Shade Shade collection from Moooi featuring a light/chandelier within a light. By day, it is a modernist mirrored shade reflecting the world around it. At night, when lit, the shade's semi-transparency reveals the classic chandelier within. Designer Jurgen Bey imbued the Moooi Light Shade Shade Chandelier with what most fascinates him about life--what is inner and unseen. In this design, Jurgen Bey shows a hopeful glimpse of what often remains forever hidden inside. The Moooi Light Shade Shade collection is offered through Stardust.

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