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Joris Laarman (b. 1979), Netherlands.

Joris Laarman Biography:

Joris Laarman (born October 24, 1979) is a Dutch designer, artist and entrepreneur best known for his experimental designs inspired by emerging technologies. Joris was born in Borculo, Netherlands. He graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003. He first received international recognition for his "Heatwave radiator" produced by the Dutch design brand Droog and later manufactured by Jaga Climate Systems.

Joris Laarman Design:

In 2004, Joris Laarman together with his partner Anita Star, founded Joris Laarman Lab in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The lab collaborates with craftsmen, scientists and engineers and the possibilities of emerging technologies as CNC systems, 3D printing, robotics or simulation software. Laarman's designs are in the permanent collections and exhibitions in such institutions as MoMA, V&A and Centre Pompidou. The Bonechair and its prototype were recently added as the closing works of the 20th century collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Joris Laarman Furniture and Lighting:

The amalgamation of science, nature and philosophy is reflected throughout Joris Laarman's work. Laarman uses computer technology to inform his emulation of skeletal growth patterns in design. Bones grow thicker or thinner depending on needs of the structure. Laarman transfers this efficiency of design to the form of his chair, made from aluminium, and chaise lounge, made from polyurethane based resin. Joris Laarman was awarded by the Wall Street Journal with "Innovator of the year Award" and received the destinction of Designer of the year by Elle Decoration. Wallpaper magazine also named him young designer of the year. His products received the Red Dot Design Award. His iconic Flos Nebula Light appears like an explosion of light like a galaxy of stars. The combination of different shapes on this suspended Nebula lamp creates a unique contemporary look.

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