Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Good Lamp by Bernhard Dessecker Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Good Lamp by Bernhard Dessecker

    Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Good Lamp by Bernhard Dessecker

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    Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Good Pendant Lamp
    Designer: Bernhard Dessecker
    Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer

    The Johnny B. Good Lamp was designed by German designer Bernhard Dessecker for Ingo Maurer. The lamp's name was derived after the 1958 rock and roll song by American musician Chuck Berry. Johnny B. Good by Ingo Maurer is a beautiful and intelligent pendant light fixture. The Johnny B. Good lamp has an ingenious touch tronic dimming sensor on the red cord which allows you to dim or brighten the light according to your needs. Johnny B. Good is striking as a single pendant lamp and every bit as stunning when clustered in multiples over a dining table or over a kitchen counter. The classic design of the Johnny B. Good makes it a fitting choice for both contemporary- and traditional interior settings. Suspended above tables, counters or in hallways, its stylish illumination warms up any space. The Johnny B. Good Lamp by Ingo Maurer is uniquely attractive and will stand the test of time.

    Johnny B. Good is a typical Ingo Maurer lamp, where a halogen bulb - the source of light – is at the center of the design. Johnny B. Good is made of glass, Teflon and plastic. It is for ceiling heights up to 18 feet and comes without dimmer (no red cable). It is recommended to buy a separate dimmer. The dimmer version (red cable) is not available in 125V.

    We are excited to present you with a unique opportunity to own a piece of design history. Our remaining stock of the Ingo Maurer designed lamp is now available at a discounted price due to its discontinuation by the manufacturer. In recognition of the limited availability of the lamp's unique bulb, which will also be discontinued in the future, we are including an extra replacement bulb with your purchase. This ensures that you can enjoy the lamp for an extended period. Once the bulbs are sold out, this lamp will stand as a legacy of the renowned designer, Ingo Maurer. Don't miss this chance to own a collector's item, crafted by a master designer. Embrace the artistry and innovation of Ingo Maurer's creation, now offered at a special rate.

    Dimensions: 3.9" diameter x 6" height
    Material: glass, teflon, plastic
    Bulb: 1 X 105W MAX E27 halogen
    Bulb Included: Yes, we will include 2 bulbs in each lamp
    Cord Length: 18'
    Certification: CE listed

    Only 3 lamps available.
    8 weeks lead time