Modern Transparent End Table: Illusion Side Table Modern Transparent End Table: Illusion Side Table

    Modern Transparent End Table: Illusion Side Table

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    Modern Transparent End Table: Illusion Side Table

    Designer: John Brauer
    Manufacturer: Essey

    Add instant style to your home with this transparent side table in a clear or ice white finish. Our Illusion end table is a clear contemporary side table with an utterly modern shape. Designed by Danish designer and manufactured in Denmark, this contemporary piece of furniture is light, versatile and perfect for a variety of spaces. This beautiful accent table is artistically bent to form its dual function. Elegant and simple like a draped tablecloth, each Illusion table is hand-made in Denmark and thus unique. This contemporary modern end table is available in either crystal clear or ice white. Simple, understated and very stylish, the Illusion End Table is perfect for providing a place to rest or store your favorite things without adding a bulky or cluttered look to your room. The Transparent Illusion tables are completely clear while the Ice White Illusion is frosted and lends itself to being lit from underneath. This table is designed and manufactured in Denmark. Select from two sizes and two colors.

    "One day I was passing a Café in Copenhagen. There were round tables with white tablecloths. Each cloth was square and almost touched the floor. I stopped and took couple photos. I then went to a plastic workshop, showed them the image and asked if it was possible to make such an object in plastic. The answer was no. But I continued my quest and after a few months some samples were ready. The result was Illusion, a stunning example of Symbolic Functionalism that has received an extremely enthusiastic reception from both the press and consumers." - John Brauer Made from 18/10 stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish.

    Please note that the Ice White table is translucent; not transparent.

    Collection: Essey
    Product Code: ES-ILLU-CART
    Material: acrylic pmma plastic
    Finish: transparent clear or ice white
    Use: living room, bedroom, office
    Product Category: end tables

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