Glas Italia XXX Side Table by Johanna Grawunder Glas Italia XXX Side Table by Johanna Grawunder

    Glas Italia XXX Side Table by Johanna Grawunder

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    Glas Italia XXX Side Table by Johanna Grawunder
    Designer: Johanna Grawunder
    Manufacturer: Glas Italia

    Johanna Grawunder - XXX Side Table - the quality of light redefined through glass. A luminous wonder in glass, the XXX table is a visual treat for anyone who appreciates fine design and architecture. The tremendously beautiful Glas Italia XXX side table was designed by Johanna Grawunder for Glas Italia. This spectacular modern side table is a favorite with architects and interior designers who love the interplay between light and shadow. Crafted by master glass artisans from translucent multicolored glass plates, this exceptional side table is flawlessly executed and a joy to behold. The visual relationship between the glass and light magically unfolds throughout the day. See our other listings for a matching XXX coffee table (sold separately). A true signature piece, the XXX side table is made entirely out of transparent pink, orange and yellow colored glass. If you are looking for a high quality side table with an exceptional design and brilliant luminosity, Johanna Grawunder's XXX is a most fitting choice. Table top available in either pink, yellow or orange.

    For hundreds of years artists and architects have been fascinated by cast shadows and perspective – the two shaping factors of spatial representation. Johanna Grawunder has been fascinated by color and glass throughout her career. As both an architect and designer, Johanna Grawunder fuses practical and creative sensibilities to create stunning installations. Drawing on her lighting experience for inspiration, Johanna Grawunder has designed the XXX series to emanate light without the need for electrical interference. These tables inject some wonderful luminosity through a mirage of multicolored panels.

    Stardust is proud to feature Glas Italia, a refined collection of contemporary modern glass furniture for the home and the office. Glas Italia creates truly exceptional Italian glass design furniture for the perfect dining room or living room area. Beautiful design is all about the details and that is especially the case for glass design. The exquisitely designed Glas Italia glass furniture collection includes coffee tables, shelving units, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, bookcases, chairs, shelving, sofas, credenzas and much more. With a team of creative and extremely talented designers like Ettore Sottsass, Jean-Marie Massuad, Johanna Grawunder and Piero Lissoni, Glas Italia creates world class glass furniture. Each Glas Italia piece is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen in Italy.

    Size: 19.7"DIA x 15.7"H
    Material: glass

    Custom made.
    Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.