Girard® Wooden Fish, Set of 2 Girard® Wooden Fish, Set of 2

    Girard® Wooden Fish, Set of 2

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    Girard® Wooden Fish, Set of 2 - Mother & Child Fish
    Vitra Design Museum, Europe

    Designer: Alexander Girard
    Manufacturer: Vitra

    Vitra Girard Mother and Child Wooden Fish (Set of 2) in Solid Wood (Hand Painted) by Alexander Girard Dolls (1952). Two one-of-a-kind wooden fish decorations - a mother and her little one - add a stylish accent from the animal world to the home. Figurines are carved from solid pine wood and are painted by hand. Mother: H 2" W 7" D 1.25". Child: H 1.5" W 5" D 1". Vitra's Girard Fish are packaged with a brochure in a high-quality printed wooden box.

    Let the Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child by Vitra swim carefree through your living room, kitchen or bathroom and create a family atmosphere with Mummy Fish and her child. Half decoration, half toy, the Wooden Dolls were originally developed by designer Alexander Girard for his own use. Adapted from the original figures from his legacy, the partly joyful, partly grim-looking group by Vitra is produced as a charming addition to any interior.

    Mother: H 2" W 7" D 1.25"
    Child: H 1.5" W 5" D 1"
    Delivery: with brochure in high class printed wooden box
    Material: Solid fir wood, hand-painted
    Color: Black/Red/White on Natural Wood
    Other: Embedded metal weights
    Weight: 0.39 lbs (without packaging)
    EAN: 4055737994616

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